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Flexco Conductive and Static Dissipative Solid Vinyl Tile
Eliminate the need for Grommets

    Flexco Conductive and Static Dissipative Solid Vinyl Tile -

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How the FLEXCO ESD Control System Works
Static electricity is conducted from the surface of the flooring through conductive elements distributed within the tile. FLEXCO‘s conductive adhesive creates an excellent electrical continuity to a ground point. Grounding can be accomplished by placing a copper strip in the wet adhesive (1" strip approx. every 2000 s/f), extending it beyond the perim-eter and permanently con-necting it to the ground.


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Job: Sanmina SCI Singapore
Architect: Buildmax Construction
Dealer: Dou Yee Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd
"The installation was excellent with a good
consistent reading of ESD properties. They
have seen their business grow indirectly
from having ESD flooring and good
aesthetics on their new production line.
FLEXCO® tiles have been firmly endorsed
by Sanmina SCI major customers."

The effects and annual losses attributed to electrostatic discharge (ESD) are estimated to run into the billions of dollars just in the electronics industry alone. A manufacturer of static control floors for more than 45 years, FLEXCO® flooring reduces these losses and controls static charges generated by the human body – the major source of ESD. In fact, static charges as high as several thousand volts can be generated by the contact and separation of a person‘s foot or an equipment caster from the floor.

To control the static charge, FLEXCO combines conductive or dissipative vinyl tile with a specially formulated conductive adhesive. This creates a conductive pathway which allows the static to flow through the tile and along the adhesive to the ground point. Unlike wrist straps, which treat the symptoms of charge generation, FLEXCO static control flooring attacks voltage generation at its source – the floor-shoe or the floor-caster interface.

When used in conjunction with static control footwear, FLEXCO ESD control flooring is an effective, first-choice solution to control unwanted human body voltage in areas where mobility cannot be restricted by wrist straps. Typical uses and applications include:

• Electronics manufacturing, receiving, clean rooms, stores/warehouses, assembly, test and inspection, wafer or fiber optics fabrication
• Hospital surgeries, intensive care units, radiological facilities
• Computer/data processing installations, hard disk drive industries, access panels
• Explosive environments, munitions facilities, chemical processing
• Pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing







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