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Impression Flooring - Lonsafe
Interior noise, thermal and shock dampening underlayment for use with Impression Flooring products.

    Impression Flooring - Lonsafe - is a closed cell foam underlayment to be used underneath Impression Flooring Vinyl Sheet Flooring for comfort underfoot. Impression Flooring Lonsafe does not support moisture retention.

For interior use only, Impression Flooring - Lonsafe offers resilience underfoot, reduced impact noise, enhanced thermal insulation, and increased shock absorbency.

Thickness: 0.200” (5.0 mm)
Roll Size: 71” (1.80 m) wide x 60’ (18.3 m)
Weight: 0.3 lbs./squse foot, 110 lbs./roll
Colors: One available

• LEED Low Emitting Materials
- Adhesives and Sealants: IEQ Credit 4.1

Manufacturer offers a 10-year limited warranty.

Heavy static loads can result in permanent indentation. This product is intended for areas with foot traffic only.

Static Load (max 0.005”), ASTM F970.......................................25 psi
Sound Absorption Coefficient, ASTM C423..............................0.11
Sound Transmission Class, ASTM E90/E413............................54.



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Product Number Summary Description Detailed Description Price/SY Price/roll
Lonsafe Sheet Flooring Underlayment
Lonsafe Underlayment; Color: One Avail; full roll: 0.200"(5.0mm) x 71" (1.80m) x 59' (18.3m); 0.3#/SF; 110#/roll; 38.79 SY/roll; $/SY (mk p/n: SF50)

Please Note:

1. Prices are exclusive of shipping. Provide sizes and quantities of mats and rolls desired along with destination city, state and Zip Code for custom quotations.

2. Price per square yard is the same for cut roll or for full roll for this product as a courtesy to the client.

3. When cementing in place under sheet flooring, plan for adhesive to adhere the underlayment to the floor and additional adhesive to adhere the sheet flooring to the underlayment.


$100.72 $100.72

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