Leed Data for Prestige Mats and Grates

Leed Data for Prestige Mats and Grates:

- Aluminum materials in the Prestige Mats and Grates contain a minimum average of 50% pre-consumer recycled material.

- The sanoprene and poly in the hinge of the Prestige Mats and Grates contains an average of 80% pre-consumer recycled materail.

- There is an average of 30% pre-consumer recycled materail in all of the Prestige Mats and Grates vinyl fillers, vinyl frames and vinyl inserts.

- The Prestigue Mats and Grates abrasive brush and carpet inserts contain 50% pre-consumer recycled material for the backing of the insert.

- All Prestige roll-up mats and grates comply with Environmental Air Quality (EQ) credit #5 Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control.




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