Maintenance Guidelines for Presitge Entrance Mats and Grates

Maintenance Guidelines for Presitge Entrance Mats and Grates:The carpet inserts in The Mat King Prestige Entrance Mats and Grates will retain its beautiful new appearance for many years if a simple plan of regular maintenance is follwed. It is important to establish this plan of when the product is new, because the longer soil remains in the carpet, the more difficult it is to remove it. The type and schedule of maintenance is dependant upon the location, the volumn of traffic and the type of soil being trached into the facility. The following is recommended:

1. Inspection for spots and stains should be a daily routine. Remove all spots immediately to avoid permanaet damage to carpet fibers. If the spill is a liquid, blot up as much as possible with a soft absorbent paper towel or clean white cloth. If the spill is semi-solid, scrape it up with a spoon or a spatula and, then, blot it with a damp sponge. Work from the edge of a spot to the center to keep the problem from spreading.

Two types of spot remover can be used. For oily stains, such as tar, paint, grease and the like, a non-flammable dry cleaning solvent works best. However, caustion should be taken to first test for color fastness. Put a few drops in a non conspicuous area, then press the area with a clean white cloth for 10 seconds. If there is evidence of loose dye, do not use that cleaner. For other spills, such as coffee, tea, pet stains, and the like, a dry soil estractor can be used. Follow the manufacturer's directions for such a product.

If these methods are unsuccessful, replacement strips are available from The Mat King.

2. Vacuum Schedule: A heavy duty vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush is the most effective way to routinely clean the carpet in The Mat King Prestige Entrance Mats and Grates. By vibrating the fibers, this type of vacuum not only cleans the surface ofthe carpet, but removes soil that is embedded in the pile. It also aids in keeping the pile upright for longer lasting beauty. Clean heaviest trafficed areas weekly or as determined to be necessary. Caution should be exercised when vacuuming near the carpet insert ends to avoid pulling the insert strips out of the tread rails.

3. Carpet Cleaning Schedule: The Mat King Prestige Mats and Grates carpet inserts should be deep cleaned when cacuuming will no longer remove the soil in the carpet inserts. This may be monthly, quarterly, or longer depending on soil and traffic conditions. Carpet cleaning systems such as aerosols, foams, hot water extraction or shampoo will work, but may leave sticky detergent residue, which will accelerate the resoiling of the carpet inserts. Be extremely careful when selecting a carpet cleaning methos of this type. A dry cleaning carpet cleaning system is recommended for the following reasons:

a. Delayed resoiling.

b. Convienience. Carpet inserts remain dry, allowing the carper inserts to be cleaned when and where it is desired.

c. No carpet damage can occure from a cleanser that might cause the carpet insert color to bleed.

d. Safety. The chance of a user slipping and falling on a wet carpet is reduced id a dry cleaning method is selected.




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