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Cricket Matting
In full pitch or half pitch lengths

    Cricket Matting made from either heavy duty light weight three-treadle Jute or Cocoa fiber. Available in full pitch or half pitch lengths. Covered from at each end from side-to-side; i.e. the entire 8 feet of the matting width, and on both sides with 6 feet of durable canvas.


Material: Jute or Cocoa Fiber (specify when ordering)
Construction: Tightly Woven Herringbone pattern 3-treadle and  grommetted with 35     grommets or eyelets around the perimeter of the mat.
Size: Full Pitch = 8'x64' deployed 34"x34"x8' rolled for storage or transport
Half Pitch = 8' x 32' deployed 17"x17"x8' rolled for storage or transport
Thickness: 1/8 nominal
Color: Natural Tan


Cricket Matting is used to provide the best possible playing surface where actual turf is either irregular or nonexistent by establishing an even area that presents the ball as predictably as possible. The advantages of Jute as compared to Cocoa fiber matting can include discussions about portability; Jute is often felt to be easier to transport as it is some what lighter in weight; to “play-ability” where veteran players may lean towards Cocoa fiber as being tougher and therefore able to deliver the ball better that Jute. It seems to be the consensus that Jute matting is the better option for use over grass and that Cocoa fiber matting is the better one for use over sandy surfaces. It would be hard to say one is better over all that the other. There is no standard way to clean the Cricket Matting other than hosing it off and allowing it to dry thoroughly on a sunny day. Please Note: Sample pieces of Cricket Matting are not available.


Cricket Matting
Product Number Summary Description Detailed Description Price per mat
2319-201-0832 GYM-Cricket Mat/Half-mat/Jute Cricket Matting Half-Mat, Jute, 1/8" thick x 8' x 32', with grommets, weight 85# approx., $/roll (rack#: crick1/2 J) $777.80
2319-301-0832 GYM-Cricket Mat/Half-mat/Cocoa Cricket Matting Half-Mat, Cocoa Fiber, 1/8" thick x 8' x 32', with grommets, weight 85# approx., $/roll (rack#: crick1/2 C) $777.80
2319-201-0863 GYM-Cricket/Full-mat/Jute Cricket Matting Full-Mat, Jute, 1/8" thick x 8' x 64', with grommets, weight 150# approx., $/roll  (rack#: Crick-J) $1,166.80
2319-301-0863 GYM-Cricket/Full-mat/Cocoa Cricket Matting Full-Mat, Cocoa Fiber, 1/8" thick x 8' x 64', with grommets, weight 180# approx., $/roll  (rack#: Crick-C) $1,166.80
Shipped via common carrier due to size of rolled product.
Prices are exclusive of shipping and handling, which will be quoted on request.
Deliveries to NY, NJ or CT will have applicable Sales Tax added to final invoice.

Cricket Matting is usually secured to the ground using spikes (available from others) and heavy duty sewn in grommet holes, which are reinforeced with canvas to protect against the stresses and strains of normal game usage. See the pictures below for grommet hole details.

grommet holes grommet holes grommet holes




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