The Mat King Overall Athletic Product General Specifications

General Specifications:

1. Coverings are either 14 oz. vinyl laminate for standard applications or 18 oz. vinyl coated for heavy duty applications. Both have excellent resistance to tear and abrasion have anti-fungal properties and are easy to clean.

2. Seams are machine sewn with heavy-duty bonded nylon thread to assure durability.

3. Corners on padding feature a special "fold-over" construction to eliminate top surface seams and to provide added corner strength and flexibility.

4. Padding does not have raw material edges.

5. A wide selection of cover colors is available from which to choose. The colors in the 14oz material are: Yellow, Orange, Red Kelly Green, Forest Green, Dark Maroon, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Camel, Purple, Navy, White, Grey and Black. The colors in the 18oz material are: Green, Marine Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, White, Grey, Red and Black. Color shades may vary from dye lot to dye lot.

6. Please Note: Every element used to make The Mat King Overall Athletic Products meets certain industry standards and has been tested by professional laboratories to insure that the standards are met or exceeded. The vinyl covers meet certain standards and are tested separately. The foam fillers meet their own standards and are, also, tested separately. The wood backers are similarly used only if they meet certain standards. However, The Mat King Overall Athletic Products are not configured or assembled and then tested as complete units to meet any standards. Customers requiring products that meet standards requiring fully assembled products to be tested must understand that to use The Mat King Overall Athletic Products will not satisfy such requirements and that permissions from the specifier; i.e. the designer, the architect, the government agency, or the project owner, will have to be secured in order for the use of The Mat King Overall Athletic Products in such a project can be considered to be acceptable.


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