DynaCushion Play Mats
One of the friendliest products available in the playground safety surfacing market.

       The DynaCushion Play Mat is a patented product that is intended for use to provide or enhance playground safety.

The DynaCushion Play Mat is composed of reclaimed tire rubber glued together with a non-soluble adhesive to form the 4 ft. x 6ft. x 2 inches thick design. The reclaimed rubber contains no metals. The rubber is passed by a magnet and through a shaker screen to ensure proper removal of any metal prior to manufacturing.

The DynaCushion Play Mat provides a fall height of 5 feet at an ambient temperature of 73 degrees F.

The DynaCushion Play Mat has been designed as a simplified method to stabilize and limit the loss or displacement of loose-fill material in areas of high traffic and/or kick-out on playgrounds. The DynaCushion mat may also be used to provide a stable slip-resistant access surface glued to a solid sub surface.

One side of the DynaCushion is flat and rough and the other side is designed featuring V-shaped grooves.

The DynaCushion Play Mat is permeable, allowing water to flow through.

The DynaCushion Play Mat can stand alone or be used in conjunction with loose fill material such as sand, pea gravel, and wood fiber safety surfaces to reduce kick-out underneath playground equipment. Each DynaCushion weighs 192 (+ or – 3 lbs.) pounds.

DynaCushion can be supplied with Beveled Safety Edges, which are advisable where the mats will create a drastic difference in terrain such as when applied on a cement of black top base.

When Beveled Safety Edges are used, the DynaCushion mats are specially fabricated to a thickness of 2-1/4” to accommodate the edge units. The fall height rating and pricing is the same as the 2” thick version. Beveled Safety Edges are to be adhered in the field to the edges of their corresponding DynaCushion using DynaGrip Adhesive.

Oddly shaped playground layouts can be cut to size in the factory to enable easy on site assembly with minimal if any onsite trimming required.

If your swing set looks like this, DynaCushion Play Mat can make it so much nicer. Installation of DynaCushion Play Mats is straight forward and can be accomplished without professional assistance.
DynaCushion Play Mat provide a neat clean play surface under swing sets like this with minimal effort and investment.
DynaCushion Play Mats are the ideal mat for under swing sets and slides and other high traffic locations. DynaCushion Play Mats are easy to install, stay in place and do not require the use of troublesome or costly cables, stakes or concrete pads. They offer maximum versitility. They can be used with loose fill systems or alone to cover hard surfaces. The corrugated under-surface provides added softness and helps DynaCushion Play Mats meet ASTM, CPSC and ADA requirements. DynaCushion Play Mats installation involves a 3" to 4" deep sand or pea gravel base over the hard sub-base and can be cobered with wood fiber.

The DynaCushion playmat meets or exceeds current guidelines from the CPSC and ASTM (ASTM F-1292-99).

The perfect mat for under swing sets and slide exits. Bury beneath your loose fill system or use alone to cover a hard surface.
Greatly reduce man hours fixing pits underneath swings and slides. Dries quickly, lets water flow through.
Minimize injuries caused by falling from playground equipment. DynaCushion Play Mats are less expensive than poured in play system.
Easy to install, stays in place, no cables, stakes, or concrete pads needed. DynaCushion Play Mats are the most affordable solution to the problems of kick-out under swings and slides.
Surface the entire playground or use as an (ADA) accessibility path to your playground equipment. Made from reclaimed tire rubber helping to protect the environment.
Meets (ASTM), (CPSC), and (ADA) requirements. Specifications sheet is available upon request.



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Thickness: 2".

Prices are exclusive of shipping. Please provide dimensions of area to be covered and "Ship To" city, state and Zip Code for custom quotation. 

DynaCushion Installation Instructions Over Concrete or Asphalt
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