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Dynamic Horse Stall Mats
The Perfect Stablemate

    Dynamic Horse Stall Mats are made of recycled rubber and deliver the comfort and surefootedness we expect from such a product but which we rarely get. They are 1-1/4" in thickness, which is a "no-fooin'-around" kind of horse stall mat. Curling is virtually impossible. They lay flat and stay put. Using them most often results in a drastic reduction in the amount of bedding required and in the amount of labor needed for stall care. The mats are 4'x6' and weigh 144 lbs. each.

Dynamic Horse Stall Mats have a comfortable non-slip surface with a corrugated bottom. The corrugated bottom adds to the comfort of horses that have to stand for long periods of time. Laying the mats in place is usually the only installation required. The weight of the mats keep them in place, but for added security a small amount of construction adhesive may be applied. Occasional cleaning is the only maintenance necessary. Dynamic Horse Stall Mats can be used for stalls, walk ways, wash bays, breeding facilities, trailers, show rooms, entry ways, auction facilities, ridding areas, galleries, and training centers. Dynamic Horse Stall Mats are easy to install, provided superior traction for new foals as well as mature horses, mineralize stall injuries, provides extra comfort due to cushioning, improves horse orthopedics, reduces the need for other bedding materials, offers a non-slip surface, features non-curling edges, stays in place and is available in black and in a variety of colors.

Dynamic Horse Stall Mats can be supplied in other thicknesses and sizes. Please contact The Mat King for a custom quote for quantity orders. Please include your name, company name, phone, Fax and e-mail address with destination city, state and Zip Code.

Dynamic Horse Stall Mats Warranty

Dynamic Horse Stall Mats Installation Guidelines


Dynamic Horse Stall Mats are grooved on their undersides to facilitate drainage, allow air circulation and provid additional comfort attributes.

Price: $111.10 per mat.
Product Number Description Price per mat
1125-311-4872 Dynamic Horse Stall Mat; Rubber; 1-1/4" x 4' x 6'; Black; Flat Top; Wide-Grooved Corrugated bottom; Class 55; 10/skid; 144#/mat; $/mat (rack#: R13V4872) $221.67

Prices are exclusive of shipping. Deliveries to NY, CT or NJ will have applicable Sales Tax added to Invoice.

Dynamic Horse Stall Mats are also called StallMate Stall Mats and Stall Mate Stall Mats.

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