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Taj Mahal Equine Breeding Mats
Custom Made Woven Cocoa Mats

    Taj Mahal Equine Breeding Mats -are universally acclaimed for super quality. They are a rare find with their very dense natural tan colored cocoa mat fiber woven up to 1-3/4" thick. They are intended for heavy use and can be cleaned easily. The Taj Mahal Equine Breeding Mats can be made in custom sizes to cover breeding stall floors to provide a safer sure footed surface. Mats can be shipped direct from the factory to locations anywhere in the world.

Product Number Description Price/SF
9120-101-0101 Woven Cocoa Mat, Natural Tan, ____ [1-3/4" max thickness] x ____ [8'-0" max width] x _____ [33'-0" max length]; 1.50#/SF (nominal), $/SF (rack#: 0101)
Prices are exclusive of shipping. Please provide destination city, state and Zip Code for shipments in the USA or complete destination address for export shipments along with contact information including contact name, company, phone and Fax numbers, e-mail address and "Bill to" city, state and Zip Code.
Deliveries to NY, NJ or CT will be subject to applicable Sales Tax. Export deliveries will be subject to applicable fees and duties.





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