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Quadrangular Spiked Real Rubber Mat
Available in Logo and Solid Color Versions

Quadrangular Spiked Real Rubber Matting is a distinctive and prestigious welcome for any entrance. Personalized and custom-made for Hotels, Motels, Apartments, Condominiums, Restaurants, Shops, Office Buildings, Business Complexes Walk Ways, Parks and Baseball On Deck Circles.

       Precision molded rubber spiked surface makes this one of the most effective and long-lasting mat on the market. This durable rubber mat has thousands of solid quadrangular shaped spike tipped scrapers for a slip resistant nonskid omni directional surface. Its anti-fatigue qualities make it ideal for occupations that require a combination of long hours on one's feet and surefooted traction. It is an excellent choice for entrances and other high traffic areas. Edges may be beveled for surface mounted application or square cut for use in recessed wells.


Quadrangular Spiked Mat

The Quadrangular Spiked Real Rubber Mats are available with round or oblong slot perforations to allow dirt to fall through and water to drain easily. Backing can be flat or raised with molded knoblike feet to allow soil and Moisture to collect out of sight and to permit air circulation for faster drying. Hose with water or wipe with white wall tire cleaner to bring back a "like new" appearance. The Quadrangular Spiked Real Rubber Mats can be supplied with custom art, special patterns or with a logo or emblem using a special process which insures clarity even after years of wear.

Color Choices: Colors desired for the basic mat and inlaid designs may be selected from 10 standard colors and white:

Color Black Color Brown Color Brick Red Color Green Color Grey Color Sand Color Blue Color Bright Red Color Orange Color White Color Yellow
Black Brown Brick Red Green Grey Sand Blue Bright Red Orange White Yellow


Special lettering, personalized designs and logos: Any letter style, monogram, logo or emblem can be adapted by Quadrangular Spiked Real Rubber Logo Mat crafts persons for execution on a Quadrangular Spiked Real Rubber Logo Mat. Please provide a color copy of the design desired and any special instructions for evaluation and a custom quotation.



Quadrangular Spiked Mat

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the manufacturing process of the Quadrangular Spiked Real Rubber Logo Mat and to the nature of rubber with regard to the complexity and difficulty to represent a great deal of fine detail in a limited space, the art for each custom Quadrangular Spiked Real Rubber Logo Mat is evaluated before prior to being quoted. Pricing is a function of the special quoted price based on the degree of difficulty to execute the design in rubber and in this process and of the price per square foot of the base color of the mat. These mats are truly works of art and can last for long periods of time, but they can be quite dear depending on the complexity and scope of the logo or art to be adapted to the process. Please feel free to contact The Mat King to discuss the appropriateness of this process for your situation.

Top quality: The Mat King custom inlaid or solid color Quadrangular Spiked Real Rubber Entrance Matting is available in three durable standard thicknesses: 1/4 inch thick (with Flat Back only), 3/8 inch thick (with Knob Back or Flat Back) and 1/2 inch thick (with Knob Back only). Thicker mats can be made, such as 5/8" thick, and will be quoted on request.

All thicknesses feature the Quadrangular Spiked or Pyramid styled pattern on the top surface. Single mats are available in sizes up to 4 feet by 6 feet. Larger installations may be accommodated with multiple mat sections that abut each other in recessed well or wall-to-wall vestibule applications.


Quadrangular Spiked Top Surface with Knob Back
Non-skid Traction Surface. Resilient. Fast Draining. Easy Cleaning. Soil and moisture gathers beneath the mat between in the spaces around the thousands of knobs supporting the mat.

Quadrangular Top / Knob Back

Quadrangular Spiked Top with Flat Back
For recessed installations. Good Drainage. Easy Cleaning. Cushioned Walk. Non-skid Traction.

Quadrangular Top / Flat Back

Squared or Beveled Edges
The Mat King matting edges are finished to fit specific installation requirements with either a squared or a beveled edge for surface mounting. Both are available with a Knob Back or Flat Back.

Squared Edges

Beveled Edges

In certain areas where extra water drainage may be needed, knob backed inlaid or solid color mats can be handsomely perforated  in a complimenting round (1/4" in diameter) or oblong slot design (1/4" x 3/8") as shown. Perforations are punched into the rubber avoiding logo designs and personalization and leaving an attractive unperforated boarder around the perimiter of the entire mat.

Please Note: If a mat needs to fit an unusual layout, requiring a template, such as an angular and asymmetrical layout, it is best be accomplished in the following way.
(1) The mat would be first supplied as a rectangle piece without perforations.
(2) The "Blank" mat would be cut on site by others to fit into the existing recess.
(3) The trimmed mat would be shipped back to the mill.
(4) The mat would have 1/4" diameter perforations punched in the appropriate area leaving an attractive solid boarder around the perimeter of the mat.
(5) The perforated mat would be shipped back to the installation site for installation by others.



Price Charts for Quad Spiked Real Rubber Logo Mats Price Charts for Quad Spiked Real Rubber Solid Color Knobed Backed Mats Price Charts for Quad Spiked Real Rubber Solid Color Flat Backed Mats
Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact The Mat King for formal quotations. Thank you.



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