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Getting Serious About Foul Weather Matting
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    Foul Weather Matting Tips
  Your new building is about to open for the first time and, as luck would have it, it's threatening rain. 

Every one is going to be there for the ribbon cutting and the balloons, and clouds and dreariness is the forecast. 

Then some one reports that the shiny new floors are going to be like ice skating ponds or the lovely new carpets are going to get destroyed by all the water and the "Glop" (that's a technical mat term) that your guests will be tracking in. 

Is that one mat in the foyer going to contain all the moisture from so many shoes; and what about the water carried in on their umbrellas; and dripping off their rain coats and hats?  

Not a chance. 


That is not an uncommon story. What's worse is when some one runs out and buys whatever kind of matting a local store might have in stock and the great decor, so long in development, is covered over by mats that have no relationship to your building's design. The color is a light shade of "Yuk" and the way those mats get deployed at the last minute makes the entire lobby an "accident waiting to happen."

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

Foul Weather Mats and Matting come in many different colors, types, sizes, shapes even, and can be designed along with the "permanent" mats or grates often included at the entrances to new buildings.

There are a few areas of concern that can guide the decision making process when Foul Weather Mats are on the agenda.


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  Rubber, Vinyl or Whatever
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Foul Weather is on its way. 

If it isn't already raining or snowing, it will be. 

You are welcome to visit the Weather Channel to find out when you might expect it.

Then, if your building needs new Foul Weather Mats, contact The Mat King and we'll help you do Foul Weather Matting right.


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