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Monarchy Mats, Matting and Carpet Squares
The Top Choice for Medium to High Traffic Commercial Spaces

    Monarchy Mats, Matting and Carpet Squares - Use Monarchy Mats, Matting and Carpet Squares to create a comfortable and fashionable interior that is both easy on the eyes and strong enough to stand up to the toughest traffic levels in commercial spaces. The design pattern of Monarchy Mats, Matting and Carpet Squares was inspired by the striation patterns found in nature, such as the glacial striations found along the walls along the paths of glaciers as they advance or recede. Monarchy Mats, Matting and Carpet Squares is a premium product that is both subtle and warm in its design that it tends to add energy and movement to any space by quarter-turning the tiles on installation.

SUGGESTED USES: Office Environments, Airports, Conference Rooms, Lobbies, Libraries, Retail and Department Stores, Resorts, Restaurant Entryways, Spas, and the like.

Regular vacuuming (Weekly in low-traffic areas, and daily or twice daily in areas with higher traffic) with a motor-driven brush and beater bar can remove up to 80% of surface dirt, and is the easiest way to prolong the life of your carpet. Regular vacuuming is key to maintaining your carpet, but eventually the carpet color dulls from dirt and grime stuck in the fibers. The dirt is then carried further into the building to form more soil reservoirs. Additionally, the oil content (15%) of the soil causes particles to stick to carpet fiber and resist vacuuming. To restore the carpet to its best condition, frequent light cleaning gives the best result and is often very cost effective.


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