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Beach Master - Sandy Beach Access Matting
Like a Portable Temporary Boardwalk without the Splinters

    Beach Master - Sandy Beach Access Matting provides an attractive, comfortable, and slip resistant surface for people walking barefoot, in shoes; even in high heeled shoes; or assisted by aluminum walkers or on crutches; and is even able to support vehicles, including wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, motorcycles, and emergency and law enforcement vehicles. Beach Master - Sandy Beach Access Matting is available in standard High Sky Blue color, which makes access paths visible and is inviting to users. It is also available in Gray and Tan for situations where a more subdued appearance is desired.

Beach Master Sandy Beach Access Matting is made with a specially engineered underside that features circular blade-like forms and ribs and is provided in solid sheet configurations so that beach sand gets captured and confined and is prevented from shifting and migrating away even under the weight of people, wheelchairs or motorized vehicles. In fact, it is the sand itself that provides the foundational support for Beach Master Sandy Beach Access Matting to be able to serve its unique and important function. The strong plastic surface of Beach Master Sandy Beach Access Matting is flexable enough to conform to the topography of the ground beneath it, which allows it to provide traction and offer be a surprizingly durable as it is. Beach Master - Sandy Beach Access Matting rolls can provide a kind of "boardwalk" which is wide enough for one or two wheelchairs or can even be used to serve as a platform for special events.



Beach Master - Sandy Beach Access Matting benefits include: High wear resistance. Flexibility in cold temperatures. Long lasting color. Light weight. Portable. Protects fragile environments such as by providing controlled access from parking areas to the shoreline, which encourages users to stay off sensitive vegetated areas.

It is now the law that "equal access" be provided to beaches and playgrounds for America's 43 million disabled people. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that all public playgrounds and beaches be made accesible to those with disabilities. Beach Master - Sandy Beach Access Matting makes it fairly straight forward, easy and affordable for municipalities to comply wih these requirements.

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