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Custom Made Rubber Tire Link Mats
For a wide variety of special uses.

    Custom Made Rubber Tire Link Mats - As an example of what kind of application might call for a Custom Made Rubber Tire Link Mat consider that The Mat King has been supplying the US Postal Service with Custom Made Step Treads for use in the recessed foot wells on the famous Grumman Long Life Vehicle (LLV) in service since 1987 and manufactured through 1994 to protect mail carriers from the potential slip and fall accidents particularly in inclement weather so common in the snow belt region of the northern parts of our country. These hearty "work horse-like" trucks were originally expected to last twenty (20) years, but are now expected to last thirty (30) years, which would bring their usable life out to between 2017 and 2024 depending on when they were manufactured.

US Postal Service Long Life Vehicle LLV
US Postal Service LLV (Long Life Vehicle)

The way this kind of adaptation becomes a necessity may be a something designers of future long life products such as the LLV could take into consideration when first developing their plans. Nothing lasts forever, but somethings can almost be counted on to ware out way before the main entity does. Thus the story of the surface of the step well in the LLV. But, for now, allow The Mat King to come to the rescue by creating a special custom made mat to provide the needed features at a modest investment.

US Postal Service LLV step well
The LLV is equipped diamond deck plate in the step well - but after tremendous use even diamond deck plate embossed metal can get so worn as to become slippery. When that happens, mail carriers can easily assume that they are safe when in fact they may no longer be since the usually dependable surface may look like it always did but its ability to provide slip resistance even when wet may be gone.


Drawing for Custom Tire Link Mat by the Mat King for US Postal Service LLV Step Well
The Mat King can fashion a form fitting high traction drain mat to make the step well of an LLV safer even when the weather turns rainy or snowy. - A template of the existing well can be made with cardboard or heavy duty paper to provide a clear representation of what the mat needs to look like. The sketch above is used to depict what the proposed mat might be like so a client can envision how it would work in their own vehicle.
US Postal Service LLV step well with The Mat King custon tire link traction mat
The Mat King Recycled Rubber Tire Link Mat custom made to fit the step well of a US Postal Service LLV (Long Life Vehicle) - can prolong the effective use of the vehicle without costly replacement of the original metal step well diamond plate surface and at a fraction of the cost of what that kind of repair would involve..

This heavy-duty, recycled tire link mat is excellent for high traffic and wet areas.

  • The open weave keeps debris and water off the surface of the mat.
  • Roll up for easy cleaning
  • Can withstand the heaviest traffic for several years
  • Consist of approximately 90% recycled content, every 12 square feet of matting is equal to about one recycled tire
  • Beveled Nosing and Squared Nosing available

Material: Recycled rubber links made from bias ply tires, woven on galvanized steel wires.
Thickness: 5/8"
Surfaces: Open Mesh
Notes: For mats over 7' wide or 25' long a special handling fee will apply. 
          The matting is non-directional. All mats will be made in one piece if possible.

Custom Made Rubber Tire Link Mat
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How to Order
Custom Rubber Tire Link Mat; Straight Weave
Rubber Tire Link Mat; Open Mesh; Straight Weave; Galv Steel Wires; Cust Size: 5/8" x ___" x ___" Color: Black; Edges: (Sq/Bev); ___#/SF; $/mat (rack#: 108-0101)
$ mill quote
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Cutom Rubber Tire Link Mat; Straight Weave Fluffy Top
Fluffy Rubber Tire Link Mat; Open Mesh; Straight Weave; Galv Steel Wires; Cust Size: 5/8" x ___" x ___" Color: Black; Edges: (Sq/Bev); ___#/SF; $/mat (rack#: 108-0101)
$ mill quote
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Please Note:

1. Prices are exclusive of shipping.

2. For a custom price proposal, please provide contact name, company name, state and Zip Code, phone number, e-mail address, size(s) and quantity of treads needed in each size. Treads will be quoted as one color unless otherwise specified. Thank you.


How to Order a Custom Made Rubber Tire Link Mat - Please provided contact person's name, company name, phone number, Fax number, e-mail address, measured drawing of the needed mat or mat products, the number of pieces (i.e. "quantity") of each custom designed Custom Made Rubber Tire Link Mat to be ordered, destination city, state and Zip Code for the shipping part of the proposal, and The Mat King will get back to you with the details. Thank you.


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