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Amalgamation Roadway Solutions
The Mat King Answer to the Rough Road Ahead Before There Even is a Road.

    Amalgamation Roadway Solutions - is the amazing portable roadway system from which solutions to off-road transportation impossibilities and logistical nightmares get created. Each off-road situation in the field presents something unique that can make engineers and all the "problem-solver" types wonder, “Are we ready for this?” Well, finally, there is a menu of spot-on perfect portable road making elements that can help "disappear" almost all of those headache causing conditions.

Amalgamation Roadways offer the right tools that are hefty enough to do what needs to be done, are made with the magical power of combining several different elements to yield a nearly perfect new product that might just last forever and stand up to sever weather, undulating changes in climate, seemingly impossible ground conditions and soil types that look like they come from some mystery planet like Mars.

The Mat King can provide Amalgamation Roadway Solutions in a wide range of product elements to help address all sorts of field challanges.

Amalgamation Roadway Solutions
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  Supreme Element Off-Road Mats  



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