Impression Diamond Plate Flooring Technical Specifications

1. Product Name
Provide IMPRESSION DIAMOND PLATE PATTERN FLOORING electrical grade sheet vinyl flooring / decking.

2. Source
The Mat King
A d/b/a of Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc.
740 West End Avenue; Suite 1
New York, NY 10025
Phone: (800) 442-6544
Fax: (800) 628-7329

3. Product Description
With years of proven service, IMPRESSION DIAMOND PLATE PATTERN FLOORING is a fire retardant electrical grade PVC matting that provides outstanding durability and ease of maintenance. The durable raised “Diamond Plate” embossing provides excellent camouflage for scuffing and soil.
Applications: Deck covering where insulating qualities are required.
Limitations: Not for outdoor use.
Suitable Substrates: Subject to Technical Manual for Interior Products (online version) - Concrete (all
grade levels), underlayment grade plywood, metal, terrazzo, fiberglass and existing single layer resilient flooring.
Composition: Diamond plate embossed heterogeneous resilient sheet matting composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, plasticizer, pigment, and fillers. The embossed PVC wear layer is formulated to provide maximum wear resistance and a measure of safety. The middle layer provides dimensional stability, sound absorbing properties, and under foot resiliency. The backing material provides strength and stability of the flooring and enhances the bonding strength of the adhesive.
Standard Sizes (Nominal)
Nominal thickness: .190” (4.80 mm)
Pigmented wear layer: .060” (1.50 mm)
Middle and backing layers: .130” (3.30 mm)
Roll Size(s) and Weight:
36” (914 mm) wide x 75’ (22.86 m) long
Weight: .75 lb./sq. ft., 300 lb./Roll
Colors: Two Available
4. Technical Data

Applicable Standards:
MIL-DTL-15562G (Navy) Type 3 Mat: Meets or exceeds requirements.
5. Installation
For detailed information, refer to the Technical Manual for Interior Installation (online version).
Storage: Store all flooring materials in a clean, dry environment with unopened rolls standing on end.
Site Conditions: Use only the permanent HVAC to maintain temperature of storage and work areas between 65º F and 85º F (18 º C and 29º C) for a minimum of 48 hours before, during installation, and for a minimum of 48 hours afterward.
Adhesives and Seam Treatment:

All substrates, general purpose: No. 555a Transitional Acrylic Extreme service requirements, all substrates: No. 300 Epoxy Seams: Heat weld
Subfloor Considerations: All substrates must be solid and free of contaminants; be clean, dry, properly acclimated, and smoothed with approved latex reinforced-Portland based compound.
Installing: Allow time for material to relax. Use correct adhesive(s). Roll immediately. Seal seams.
Post Installation: Clean and protect the new flooring from construction traffic. Restrict foot traffic for 24 hours. Restrict rolling traffic for 48 hours.
6. Maintenance
Detailed maintenance and troubleshooting instructions are contained in the Technical Manual for Interior Products (online version). Maintain by frequent sweeping and dust mopping. Mop with a quality pH neutral cleaner, or with disposable mop system. Move heavy objects and loads on a rolling dolly to avoid surface gouges.
7. Technical Services
Contact The Mat King Customer Service department for product samples, specification data, and technical support.
NOTE: Contact The Mat King for current approval status. All specifications and instructions are subject to periodic change without advance notice. Please contact The Mat King for up-to-date technical information.
LEED: Because they contain more than 20% post manufactured recycled vinyl, all
Impression Flooring products qualify for LEED points under MR 4.1.

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Phone: 800-442-6544
Fax: 800-Mats-Fax (628-7329)