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The right gloves for the right job.


Nitrile Gloves - Chemical resistant. Protects hands from oild, solvents and thinners. Powder free and Latex free. Fully textured surface. Size: 9" long x 4.5 mil thick.

P/N 5628-101-5643 = Medium.

P/N 5628-101-5644 = Large.

P/N 5628-101-5645 = Extra Large.

Nitrile Plus Gloves - are Plus in two special ways: They are thicker at 8 mil thick and longer at 12 inches long. They are Powder Free and Latex Free. They are chemical resistant and fully textured for comfort and secure grip. The greater lenth is provided to provide extra protection for the hand and upper arm

P/N 5628-201-6643 = Medium.

P/N 5628-201-6644 = Large.

P/N 5628-201-6645 = Extra Large.

DURA-Grip Gloves - are 60% thicker than traditional latex gloves. They are Powder Free and fully textured for secure grip in wet or dry conditions. They offer superior dexterity. They are 9" long and 8 mil thick.

P/N 5628-301-2243 = Medium.

P/N 5628-301-2244 = Large.

P/N 5628-301-2245 = Extra Large.

Sansatex Gloves - provide trusted quality in lox cost hand protection. They have a fully textured surface. They clan up fast and with great ease. They are lightly powdered for easy on and off. They are 9" long and 5 mil thick Latex gloves.

P/N 5628-401-1143 = Medium.

P/N 5628-401-1144 = Large.

P/N 5628-401-1145 = Extra Large.


Premium Nitrile Gloves- are chemical resistant and protect hands from oils, solvents and tinners. They are powder free and Latex free. They are fully textured on the surface. Size: 9" and 5 mil thick..

P/N 5628-501-5943 = Medium.

P/N 5628-501-5944 = Large.

P/N 5628-501-5945 = Extra Large.

StrongHold Gloves - are have chemical resistant palms with excellent gripping power. They offer breathable, seamless air flow comfort. They have great dexterity and durability.

P/N 5628-601-8544 = Large.

P/N 5628-601-8545 = Extra Large




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