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Poof the Magic Stain Remover

       Poof the Magic Stain Remover is an all natural, fast acting, enzyme based organic stain remover and odor counteractant for carpeting and upholstery. Poof contains a special blend of lipase, protease and amylase enzymes combined with natural surfactants and perfumes to quickly penetrate and remove food stains, blood, urine, vomit, etc. Poof will penetrate deep into carpeting to absorb and digest sources of malodors, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance. Light Straw Color, Fresh Fragrance.

Taj Mahal Area Rug

Poof the Magic Stain Remover
Product Number Description Price
6550-000-0001  Poof the Magic Stain Remover; 1 QUART BOTTLE; 2#/bottle; 12 bot/cs; 14"x14"x11"; 55 cs/skid 40"x48"x36"; $/bottle (rack#: pmsr-9282-1qt) $19.99/quart  
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