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Skoot Scram and Skedaddle Duck and Goose Repellent Biodegradeable food-grade repllent for turf and grass a/k/a GooseChase a/k/a De-Taste-able Duck and Goose Repellent

    Skoot Scram and Skedaddle Duck and Goose Repellent is a safe food-grade aversion agent made from a bitter and smelly part of concord grapes. The active ingredient is methyl anthranilate, which when used on popular goose and duck food sources, such as turf and grass, renders the turf and grass unpalatable to those birds. Geese and ducks abandon treated areas for the long-term, as they are unable to habituate to the tase of the treated grass. It is most effective when used synergistically as part of integrated bird control program combining visual devices, sound deterrents along with taste aversioning treatements.

Proven Effective - Scoot Scram and Skedaddle has been shown to significantly reduce geese and duck feeding on turf for prolonged periods of time when applied according to label directions. In four trials, Scoot Scram and Skedaddle reduced the birds' activity immediately, in some cases driving them from the area after a few days. The efficacy of the repellent may be extended if the weather becomes cloudy and/or low temperatures persist. The first time the birds try to feed on the repellent-treated turf they go immediately to water to wash the repellent out of their beaks and off of their feathers. Each time they return they get another dose and soon learn that the grass is not palatable.


Application - Mix 1 to 2 parts Scoot Scram and Skedaddle with 58 to 59 parts of water. Apply at 60 gallons of tank mix per acre. Agitate during application with commercial or backpack sprayer, or pressurized applicators to maintain uniform tank mix. Do not apply to wet surfaces. Reapply if heavy rains occur within 6 hours. Do not mix with other pesticides or fertilizers. Thoroughly wet all foliage until solution runs off surfaces. Apply every 2 to 6 weeks or after birds return to feed on the grass, whichever occurs first.

Coverage: One gallon of concentrate, i.e. 60 gallons of mixture covers one acre.

Recommended Application Rate - Apply Scoot Scram and Skedaddle at a rate of one to two gallons of concentrate per 60 gallons of water per acre. Where birds have become established it is recommended that the initial treatments begin with two gallons per acre until efficacy has been established and the birds removed. Retreating with one gallon per acre will maintain efficacy during the remainder of the season or until the birds are driven from the area. After a few repeated attempts to feed most birds began foraging elsewhere. The time to reapply Scoot Scram and Skedaddle is when all signs of odor and/or taste have disappeared and/or the birds begin to feed on the grass being protected. Heavy rains and irrigation will not remove Scoot Scram and Skedaddle.

Preparation - Apply immediately after mowing or when birds begin feeding on the grass. If any part of the concentrate has solidified, warm concentrate in the sun or a water bath to 75°F. Mix concentrate with a blade or paddle until ingredients are evenly distributed before adding to water. Always use freshly and completely mixed solution before adding to water. Cold weather applications (below 45°F): Add to continually agitated warm water in tank and apply immediately. Rinse screens and nozzles with hot water until all residue is gone.




 Safe to Use - Scoot Scram and Skedaddle is completely safe as long as the EPA-approved label directions are followed. Application rates are far below FDA-established standards for human consumption. People and animals may use the area immediately after it has been sprayed.




Pricing - Prices are exclusive of shipping. Provide quantity (i.e number of gallons to be ordered) with destination City, State and Zip Code and freight charges will be determined.

Product Number Summary Description Deatailed Description Price/Gallon
6500-200-0001 6 or more gallons
Scoot a/k/a De-Taste-able Duck and Goose Repellent; Taste avaersion goose/duck repellant for turf/grass; 6+ gallons; 1 acre/gall; $/gallon (rack#: GC-6-11)
6500-300-0001 1 Gallon Trial Size
Scoot a/k/a De-Taste-able Duck and Goose Repellent; Taste avaersion goose and duck repellant for turf/grass; 1-gallon; covers 1 acre; $/gallon (rack#: GC-GAL)

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