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Material Converting Products and Services
A wide selection of fils, foils and foams and conversion capabilites too

    Material Converting Products and Services - The Mat King offers an extensive products and services menu for industrial clients in need of custom designed decorative and functional components made to the precise shape, size and look required to complete their own products more quickly, with less effort, at lower production costs and with both improived product performance and greater product longevity.

The Mat King product offerings include:

Art Vinyl - Solid Color flexible high gloss calendared vinyl films.

Walk this Way Temporary Floor Signs - Temporary "peel-n-stick" printable traction shielded vinyl films for safe, durable and effective advrtizing, promotional and safety messages.

Magic Merge Cling Vinyl - Widow decals and and temporary markings printed on clear or white Magic Merge Cling Vinyl stick without adhesive and can be repositioned and reused over and over again.

Iridescencet Polyester Films - High quality durable polyester film available in clear matte or white that offer the kind of fascinatingly attractive look called "goniochromism" like the surface of a soap bubble or the inside of a sea shell. Excellent for labels and decals.

Faux-Metal Polyester Films - present a very rich metal-like appearance for decals and nameplates. Available in bright gold, brushed gold, or bright, brushed, or matte silver and in a variety of thicknesses for various applications.

Polyester Guard - The Mat King protective polyester overlaminating films are coated with a clear-as-crystal UV adhesive for maximum clarity and are available in a clear finish for a high-gloss look or a matte finish for a quieter more sophisticated appearance.

Two-Way Street Window Ways - The Mat King offers opaque polyester and vinyl films that can cover black or colored designs. These can be used for creating two-way window decals.

Bonding Materials - The Mat King can provide wide a selection of transfer adhesives and double coated films, which offer clients the opportuinty to turn non-adhesive printed materials into pressure sensitive-enabled parts for use creatively throughout their opperation.


Die-Cutting Capabilities

The Mat King offers both state-of-the-art rotary, thermal and traditional steel-rule die cutting processes. Both processess give our clients the choice of ordering their custom cut parts  in either individual pieces or "kiss-cut" in roll format. The Mat King can provide parts in a form that makes assembly easier by adding tabs,back-slits, liners or printed liners so usage instructions can be right there where and when they are needed by the end user. Die cutting is used for making a wide range of components including gaskets, fasteners, bonding,mounting, spacing, masking, scratch resistance, moisture resistance, RF shielding and decorative appliqués

Die-Cutting Specifications
Maximum Material Thickness:
80 mil (.080")
Minimum Material Thickness:
2 mil (.002")
Maximum Part Size
Steel Rule:
27" x 45"
12" x 27"
Minimum Part Size
Steel Rule:
1/4" x 1/4" (.25" x .25")
1/8" x 1/8" (.125" x .125")

Slitting Capabilities Slitting

The Mat King offers precision slitting capabilities that can give make rolls in virtually any width, to be used for tape, label stock, or decorative trim. Above avaerage tolerances are maintained so clients of The Mat King can be sure that materials slit to order will fit into their intended space. Spool winding is anther available service for smaller slit rolls to prevent rolls from "telescoping".

Available Methods: Score, shear, and rotary slitting. Core winding and
 spool winding available.

Slitting Specifications
Maximum Width of Material: 62"
Maximum Roll Diameter: 40"
Maximum Roll Weight: 1,500 lbs.
Maximum Material Thickness: 50 mil (.050")
Minimum Material Thickness: 1 mil (.001")
Minimum Slit Width
Score & Shear Slitting:
* Rotary Slitting:
3/8" (.375")
1/16" (.0625")
Core Diameter: 3" and 6"


Sheeting & Flat Cutting

The Mat King sheeting capabilities allows clients to receive sheeted material in just about any size needed. Flat cutting ensures that each sheet is the perfect size and has square corners that are exact. This becomes a critical issue when using automatic sheet fed equipment.



Sheeting Specifications
Maximum Width of Material: 61"
Maximum Roll Diameter: 40"
Maximum Roll Weight: 1,000 lbs.
Core Diameters: 3" and 6"
Maximum Material Thickness: 30 mil (.030")
Minimum Material Thickness: 1 mil (.001")
Maximum Sheet Size: 60" x 72"
Minimum Sheet Size: 6" x 14"
Flat Cutting Specifications
Maximum Sheet Size: 85" x 85"
Minimum Sheet Size: 1" x 1"
Maximum Material Thickness: 80 mil (.080")

How to Order - Please provide contact information including contact name, company name, phone, Fax, e-mail address, destination city, state and Zip Code and type and quantity of material to be converted, whether the material is to be provided to The Mat King or if The Mat King will be providing the material and what processes are required. Thank you..


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