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Composition Cork Sheets, Rolls and Blocks
Modern Technology Augmenting the Natural Advantages of Cork

    Composition Cork Sheets, Rolls and Blocks - The cellular structure of cork, even in its granulated, roll or block forms, consists of millions of "air cushions". This makes cork the best choice for a wide variety of applications. Cork has the ability to simultaneously act as a thermal barrier, a sound insulator and a vibration dampener. It does not corrod.

The Mat King supplies a wide range of cork grades, from the finest grain to coarse grain for bulletin board and general purpose use. Adhesive backing and other options are also available. Please contact The Mat King at (800)442-6544 or at the e-mail addrerss listed below with cork related questions and requests.


Standard Composition Cork Rolls and Sheets

Product Specifications

Installation Guidelines


Composition Cork
Sheets Rolls Blocks


Cork Products
Bulletin Boards
Tack Surfaces
Pin Up Surfaces
Wall Coverings
Table Mats, Trivets & Hot Pads
Die Cut Coasters & Discs
Any Shape & Thickness
Adhesive Backed Cork

How to Order or Request a Price Quotation - Please provide contact name, phone, Fax, e-mail address and destination city, state and Zip Code along with the details of your cork requirements such as number and sizes of sheets, rolls or blocks.


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