Static Electric Discharge Control Carpet Squares
For areas where uncontrolled static electric discharges can mean real trouble.


         Sturdy dependable protection against static dissipative discharges in twenty stain resistant deep-dyed (solution dyed) colors for the commercial environment.

Please Note the special properties of Antron Excel SC: Solution Dyed; Long-lasting color fastness; Teflon protection against soiling; anti-microbial; Lifetime static protection.


to light (ISO 105 B 02) min 7
to water (ISO 105 E 01) min 4
to rubbing (ISO 105-X12) dry min 4
wet min 4
to shampoo (BS 1006: UK-TB) min 4
Flammability Tests  
Hot metal nut (BS 4790/5287) low radius of effects of ignition.
Radiant panel  (ASTM E648) Cat. 1 (>0.5 W/cm2)
(DIN 4102 part 14) B1

Maintenance & Installation
Static Electric Discharge Control Carpet Squares can be installed using the manufacturer's standard installation instructions. Regular vacuum cleaning and spot removal, within a comprehensive maintenance plan, is the basis for retaining a high appearance level.
Static Electric Discharge Control Carpet Squares are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years, provided they are professionally installed in accordance with the installation instructions and that guarantee stipulations are respected.

Warning: Static Electric Discharge Control Carpet Squares should only be used as floor covering.

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Static Electric Discharge Control Carpet Squares

Sand 43 Copper 66 Bronze Green 12 Cork 55 Grey Brown 68
Light Green 13 Taupe 54 Elephant 90 Moss Green 17 Anthracite 52
Green 10 Dark Green 15 Black Blue 96 Blue Grey 26 Denim 29
Berber Blue 28 Light Blue 23 Red 30 Ochre 61 Cognac 64

       Application examples: Communications areas, computer centers, radio stations, television transmission stations, electronic component assembly areas.. 


Static Electric Discharge Control Carpet Squares

Price and Availability

Price: $43.75 per Square Yard
Packed: 20 tiles per box (6 SYs per Box)
Availability: Stocked Colors: 4 to 5 weeks after receipt of order.
Out-of-stock Colors: 6 to 10 weeks after receipt of order.
Prices are exclusive of shipping which will be determined based on destination and quantity required.


Static Electric Discharge Control Carpet Squares

Construction Tufted low level loop.
Guage 1/10 inch
Stitch Rate 44 +/- 1 per cm
Tuft Density 173,000 +/- 2.5%
Pile Yarn 100% Polyamide (DuPont Antron Excel SC)
Pile Weight 600 g/m2 +/-3% (18 oz/SY)
Pile Thickness 3.5 mm
Backing Polyscan Computer, Glas Polyver, a conductive modified bitumen incorporating glass fiber reinforcement with PP/PES carrier
Total Weight 4600 g/m2 =/- 5%
Thickness 6.8 mm =/- 0.5 mm
Tile Size 50x50 cm (19.69"x19.69" or 2.69 SF par tile)
Tiles per Box 20
Category of Use (BS 7131) Class 4 Heavy Contract
Caster chair test: 2.9 (DIN 54324)
Static Loading: min 90% recovery after 24 hours (BS 4939)
Dimensional Stability (EM 986) Max. -0.15% +/- 0.05%
Static Electricity
Stroll Test (ISO/TR 6356) <2kV at 25% RH and 23oC
Acoustic Behavior
Impact sound insulation (ISO 140-8) 36 db - 1000 Hz (^Lw: 27 db)
Sound Absorption (ISO 354)
Frequency (Hz) 250 1000 2000 4000
Absorption coefficient 0.03 0.24 0.31 0.39
N.R.C. (250-2000 Hz) 0.16 . . .


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