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RCA Transit-Flor Fiber Reinforced Rubber Flooring & Step Treads
Proven tough year after year in transit systems across the United States and Canada.


 Transit-Flor Fiber Reinforced Rubber Flooring



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Transit-Flor Fiber Reinforced Rubber Flooring


1/8" thick Smooth Surface Transit Flooring



3/16" thick Double Grooved Ribbed Transit Flooring

Transit-Flor Fiber Reinforced Rubber Flooring is designed especially for grueling, high traffic transit use. It is available in two formulations: 1/8" thick Smooth Surface Flooring for use under benches and 3/6" thick Double Grooved Ribbed Aisle Flooring for use in the highly trafficked aisles of buses and trains.

Asbestos Free Formulation


Transit-Flor Fiber Reinforced Rubber Flooring is also available in special formulation for rail cars in the Low Smoke and Flame 200 Series to meet the bridge and tunnel requirements. This material is available in 1/8" gauge smooth and in 3/16" gauge ribbed. The flooring can be produced in a variety of width to a maximum width of 48". Widths of 46" or less are most popular. There are length limitations, which make the use of a dimentional drawing for quoting and fabrication purposes. Therefore, when requesting a quotation, please provide the following:

1. Contact person's name, company name, phone number, fax number, e-mail address and destination city, state and Zip Code or Postal Code.

2. Indicate whether the material required is to include smooth and ribbed flooring or all of one type and which type desired.

3. Please provide dimensional drawings indicating the direction of the ribbing and any special cutting that may be required.

4. If possible, please provide the make and model of the rail car or cars being repaired, refurbished or rehabilitated as we may well be familiar with the original Part Numbers and exact dimensions assigned to each on for each unit.

Please Note: Transit-Flor Fiber Reinforced Rubber Flooring in the Low Smoke and Flame 200 Series formulation has its own specifications, which can be reviewed by clicking on the following links:



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