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Standard Issue Transit Flooring, Vehicle Matting and Safety Step Plates
Rubber Transit Matting and Safety Step Plates Conforming to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Specification FMVSS#302 for Fire Resistance.

    Standard Issue Vehicle Matting and Safety Step Plates - Discriptive text.

Deeply grooved aisle matting provides maximum safety and minimum maintenance. "Squeegee" high-ribbed design grips shoe soles while channeling away dirt and water. Center
Aisle groove design matches Stop Plate grooves. Fully sanded backing ensures maximum adhesion and extra heavy 3/16" thickness gives years of trouble-free service... even with rough passenger punishment. Matting is available in 10 to 15 yard rolls of 12", 15", 18", 24", 30" ,33", 36", 38", 44", and 45"... all in black. Special widths and special lengths will be cut to design specifications.

Standard Issue Smooth Surface 1/8" Thick Vehicle Matting

Designed for under-seat use to provide high quality and service standards. Standard Issue Smooth Surface 1/8" Thick Matting has a fully sanded backing to facilitate adhesion during installation and promote long life, durability and, easy under-seat cleaning.
It is available in 10 to 15 yard rolls, in widths of 18", 29", 30", 36", and 38" in black only. Special widths and special lengths will be cut to design specifications.

standard issue transit grade stair treads

Standard Issue Safety Steps

Standard Issue Center Aisle Matting tread design bonded to a full steel backing, gives the long-life and safety required by today's transit standards. Standard Issue Safety Step Plates are offered in solid one color design with a choice of high visibility colored rubber "caution" nosing. They are available in most standard sizes, up to 27" deep by 50" wide, featuring fully prime coated backing for long life, 3/16" and 5/16" thicknesses, black with yellow or white curved nose. Special color combinations are available on request.

Standard Issue grooves drain fast providing a non-slip surface in wet or dry conditions.

The metal backing is completely coated to prevent corrosion.

Integral live rubber edges will not break away.

Step Plate groove design matches center aisle grooves.

standard issue transit stair treads with white nosing
Standard Issue Safety Steps - with White Nosing
standard issue transit flooring adhesive
Standard Issue Flooring Adhesive
Standard Issue Flooring Adhesive provides maximum adhesion while eliminating the problems of flooring movement and buckling caused when using inadequate adhesives. Available in 1-gallon cans or 5-gallon pails.


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