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Garrison Protective Table Pads
Beautiful Table Pads Worthy of the Finest Furnature

    Garrison Protective Table Pads allow you to entertain with confidence by placing them under your table cloth to provde a moisture-proof cushion to protect your fine furnature from spills and stains. Layers of insulating felt inside the pads help absorb table sounds and reduce chipping and breaking of your fine china.

Turn your diningroom table into a temporary work area by using Garrison Protective Table Pads with their patented interlocking device that keep the pads from slipping while you work with anything from a ballpoint penn to a home computer.

When you are not using or displaying your dining room table, Garrison Protective Table Pads provide heavy duty protection against nicks, dents, gouges or other accidents. Keeping your fine furnature protected in this way will insure that when you do want to display it it will look as beautiful as the day it was delivered to your home.

Garrison Protective Table Pads can be ordered in two styles and in a wide selection of colors and textures to help meet your table protection requirements.

Here are some of the reasons for investing in Garrison Table Pads:
1. Orders ship within 2 to 3 weeks with some exceptions during peek holiday seasons.
2. The Garrison Table Pad library contains in excess 40,000 master table patterns.
3. Garrison Table Pads are made from the highest quality material in the industry with laboratory-proven results.
4. Garrison Table Pads can be orderd in a wide range of colors.
5. Garrison Table Pads are supported by a variety of fine accessory products.
6. Garrison Table Pads are Made in the USA.

Garrison Protective Table Pads offer up to five layers of engineered protection: Layer (1) is a printed or solid color supported vinyl. Layer (2) and (3) are two coores of insulating felt. Layer (4) is a core of fiberboard. Layer (5) is a Suade or special Duravel ™ bottom.

Elite Style provides protection up to 550° F. Select Style provides protection up to 350° F. Elite Style and Select Style protects against scratches. Elite Style and Select Style protects against spills.




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