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Truck Rope
California Highway Patrol CHP Approved Truck Rope

    Truck Rope - Black and Orange polypropylene rope known nation-wide as CHP Truck Rope, which is almost instantly identifiable as the approved rope for use in securing loads to truck bodies. It is avialable in thicknesses drom 3/8" in diameter to 4" in diameter. Available in full rolls,

Product Number Description Price
4255-501-0600 TRUCK ROPE; CA Highway Patrol; BLACK w/ORANGE; 1/2" diam x 600 LF; polypropylene Tensil: 3780#; Load: 378#; 12"x12"x18" box; 30#; $/reel (rack#: 4255-501-0600) $124.00/spool
Prices are exclusive of shipping..
Deliveries to NY, CT or NJ will have applicable Sales Tax added to Invoice.








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