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Car Mats

Why use car mats?

If your car has a carpeted floor, you can bet that if that carpet remains unprotected, in time, it will wear out in a number of very predictable spots.

Carpet traditionally smacks of luxury. But luxurious does not always translate as durability or longevity.

There are three popular approaches to dealing with this situation from the car owner’s perspective.

One – Carpet topped and non-skid backed Floor Mats in either “one-size-fits-all” or “tailor made” styles, which are designed to capture and contain moisture and debris for periodic clean out.

Two - Vinyl, plastic or rubber floor mats with deep soil containment areas to allow tiny stones, sand, and road salt to remain below the surface of the mat.

Three – Floor liners, which virtually cover and hide the entirety of the luxurious carpeting you paid for leaving you with an antiseptic looking flat surface that harkens back to the hard floors that early cars offered and subjecting you to attack in another perhaps less obvious way. 

Sand, gritty stones and salt are highly abrasive and can quickly destroy the leather on the back area above the heels of your nice looking shoes. So, while a floor liner can protect your car’s carpet, what do you gain if, at the same time the gritty mess that ends up all over a floor liner acts like Number 6 Sand Paper and destroys every pair of shoes in your closet? What sense does that make? None what so ever.

Car mats by The Mat King cover and protect the vulnerable areas of your car’s carpet and, at the same time, trap dirt and moisture to help save your shoes from getting killed by the dirt and gritty debris that inevitably gets tracked in.

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