Doormat Selection Guidelines

Absolutely Every Kind of Matting in the World!


Everyone has their own philosophy and "take" on what they want in the way of a doormat.

Natural is very big. So is rubber and, so is "cute- and-clever" doormats. Metal doormats are out there too. And, personalized, numbered, rope (both manmade and manila) are extremely popular.

Some people want to buy one doormat and never have to buy a another doormat again. We can understand that.

Other people change their doormats with the change in seasons; others with every holiday; and others when the mood strikes them.  Message doormats can say almost any thing. 

If we were not as serious about mats as we are, we might want to make jokes about doormats. Okay, we are planning to post a collection of doormat related humor on our web site; but not right away. There are some important considerations when considering a doormat.  

  • Will my door clearance allow such a thick mat as this?
  • If my doorway is directly exposed to the weather, is this doormat going to soaked in a minute and take forever to dry?
  • Is the back of the mat going to stay put or slip and slide?
  • Size is important. It needs to look just right of course; but we don't want it too close to a step or getting in the way of people walking by.
  • What needs to be done to maintain it?

[We will be adding to this Guideline in the future. In the mean time, please feel free to contact us at (800)442-6544 to discuss your doormat requirements. Click here for The Mat King Doormat Index Page].

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