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The selection of appropriate elevator flooring is more involved than it might appear at first glance. Let's face it. Elevators are a confined space with usually not the best ventilation. Glued-down carpet in an elevator means the car has to be taken out of service every time the carpet needs to be vacuumed or shampooed and, depending on the atmospheric conditions which effect drying, it can involve a significant amount of time.

Using hard flooring cuts down on the drying time, but cleaning time can still remain a factor. In order to cut down on the number of times a day that someone has to stop and mop up the elevator floors, foul weather mats are deployed in each elevator car to keep the hard floors from becoming slippery from tracked in rain and bits of snow and slush. But, those mats, no matter how well they are installed, can become a bit of a tripping hazard as older people or very little children or handicapped people enter the car and have to transverse the edge of the mat; any change of terrain needs to be carefully negotiated and it is best that such situations be avoided.

The Mat King approach to elevator floors is to take the floor down to the substrate and to create two custom tailored mats per car, which allows for the soiled mat to be removed out of site of the general population for proper cleaning and drying, while the second mat is placed into service in a just a few minutes so that elevator need not be taken out of service while the floor is being cleaned.

We have just the right product for what we feel is one of the most sophisticated approaches to elevator floor covering we have seen. Is it expensive? Not for what you get: a great look, the easiest possible maintenance and the safest way we have seen to approach providing floor covering for convenience or pedestrian elevators.

Please feel free to "click through" a pictorial presentation of just such an installtion of The Mat King Chicago Chic Elevator and Lobby Matting.

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