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Children come in contact with safety matting all in a rush and usually when they least expect it. In some ways having safety matting can actually be like the proverbial "double-edged sword" cutting in both directions. Having it in place to protect against accidental collisions is of course a good idea. But, kids and even adults can take its presence as a kind of "invitation" to be reckless by extending their field of play far beyond the intended safety limits anticipated by the the matting providers.

Common sense is perhaps the best guideline of all when approaching this topic. Will a mat of a few inches in thickness prevent a broken bone or a broken neck from happening? If the child is falling from an 8 foot high crow's nest on a fancy backyard play apparatus, we can safely say, "Probably not." Could it protect against cranial damage?  Well, it depends on the mat. But, there are those that are designed to do just that.

If it doesn't make sense, don't do it. Picking the appropriate safety matting and wall padding for children at their different stages of development can be a very sobering responsibility. We suggest those faced with that task take a some time to visit the web site of the Brain Injury Association of America and see what it has to offer in the way of statistics and general information before moving on to product selection or the National Injury Prevention Foundation. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has published its "Handbook for Public Playground Safety", which presents what may be the most authoratative review and guidelines for playground safety there is available to our knowledge.

Please feel free to contact us at (800)442-6544 to discuss your particular Children's Safety matting requirements or take a look at or various product offerings to see if they might address your needs. Click here for our Playground and Children's Safety Matting Product Index.

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