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Logo Mats are also referred to as Emblem Mats or Personalized Mats. There are some who hold their corporate logo in such reverence that to put it on a mat that will be trod upon borders on the sacrilegious; and they just will not do it. That is not the case for most of us. Though we do take very special care with certain religious institutions where certain words or letters are "holy" and not to be subjected to any form of treatment that might be interpreted as derogatory or disrespectful.

The nature of a logo, in terms of its complexity, coloration and relative size compared to the intended size of the mat and its location compared to any supporting message or text that may be desired all go into deciding which matting materials and logo application processes will be appropriate.

There is a point at which there can be simply too much information on a mat. People walking over a logo mat or any mat tend to glance down as a safety measure to quickly evaluate how to negotiate the change in terrain as they cross the border of the mat. In that instant, they will notice the logo and perhaps a brief text message, and the logo and the message will register to a certain degree depending upon the person's state of mind as he or she passes through. Loading a mat with long messages and several symbols requires either an appropriately sized mat or reconsideration of what is practical for the situation "on the ground."

Safety is the number one criteria as we evaluate any logo for any mat situation. The type and volume of traffic  that the logo mat will be asked to sustain are also key elements  in making a product selection.

What a logo mat will cost is going to be dependant upon the size of the mat, the number of copies to be produced in one continuous run, the material selected, the labor intensity of the process, the tooling requirement if any, and if there are to be any special adaptations in terms of shape for example that my be important. 

Why have a logo mat at all?

Will a logo mat increase sales? It could. But, what it does do, is welcome people to our facilities and to remind them that we are committed to what our corporate logo, or our organizational emblem or our group motto means. It is there as a mission statement; or, as a "line-the-sand." We have a job to do and here is where we do it.

It it a statement to visitors, to employees and to owners alike: "We are here to stay!"

[We will be adding to this Guideline in the future. In the mean time, please feel free to contact us at (800)442-6544 to discuss your logo, emblem or personalized mat requirements. Click here for The Mat King Logo Mat Index Page].

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