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Real Estate sales agencies and organizations often go looking for a tasteful logo imprinted doormat that will be practical enough so that users will want to keep them and where the agency logo is unobtrusive enough so that it will not make the users feel that they would themselves feel tacky if they were to put it outside their front door.

If the intended users are to include potential clients; i.e. home owners who may or may not currently be listing their homes with your agency, well, that is a tall order.

If a Real Estate Agency’s logo were exceedingly well known, it could be placed in the corner of the mat and serve as a very modest reminder as to whom the homeowner knows in the Real Estate industry. Doormats are often small by definition. Natural fiber doormats, such as the Old Fashioned Woven Cocoa Fiber Doormats, which are very popular residential doormats, almost have to be pretty big to include even a small logo due to the nature of the fibers if the logo is to be at all legible. Vinyl backed cocoa mats have a surface regularity that allows for more detail to be represented in a smaller space, but in almost all cases, color would still be the method, which makes the logo fairly prominent; and, the larger the logo representation and the more brightly colored it is, the more indiscreet it may be considered to be.

There is however another aspect to this subject of Real Estate promotional doormats. Unless the doormat to be given is substantial, say 2’x3’, the more unlikely it is to be used at the front door any way; simply due to its being somewhat impractical and the desire by most people for a classical approach in doormats; i.e. to cover most of the width of the door or doors at the front of their home. If a home has double doors in front, a 3’x5’ or a 4’x6’ mat is what looks correct and balanced. Even if the homeowners typically enter and exit though only one of their double doors, the look from the street or as one approaches the home is jarringly wrong when a mat intended for a single door is placed in front of the expanse of a six foot wide double door.

No agency is going to give away a mat of that magnitude. Nor would a home owner expect such a mat. But, all in not hopeless with this nice little promotional doormat idea. Good doormats; i.e. effective shoe cleaning doormats, still have a value. Clients or potential clients, will often put such mats, even ones with a prominent logo on them, in their garage, or at the foot of the basement stairs, or at the side door for when they come in from the garden, or by the grill to sand on instead of on the hard bricks of their patio, or even in the trunk of their car to protect the carpet by catching drippings from their food shopping bags.

Of course, if a homeowner's experience with an agency has been less than positive, it can also work in reverse. But, in such instances those mats would more than likely be discarded or given away since seeing them every day would be more of an irritant than any cleaning the mat might be able to do would be worth. Or, the mats might get kept just to step on the agency name one more time in memory of what ever it was for which they hate the memory of their experience with it. One would hope that such instances are few and far between.

But, in fact, such effective doormats, even ones with imprinted logos, often do get used. And that can keep a Real Estate agency's name in front of those homeowners as either past or future clients and will often get noticed by friends who see the doormats by happenstance. And, even if such a promotional doormat is not as effective as one might think because it is not at a home’s front door, it is or can still be effective; very effective, because the person who sees it may ask, “How did you get that doormat?” and the homeowner may well respond how nice the folks were at the Real Estate agency when they came to list their home for sale, or when they helped to sell their home, or when they bought their home and then the race is afoot; you should excuse the expression.

So, a nice homey doormat with a logo of some kind and a small deck of business cards can become just the right way to be there when homeowners talk amongst themselves and share their feelings about the Real Estate professionals they know. So, stop waiting and order some promotional doormats today. Get known for being the Real Estate agency that has a welcoming approach to both buyers and sellers of homes.

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