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Chicago Chic Carpet Floor Tiles
Looks like Fancy Berber Carpet but feels and acts like Brillo®

    Chicago Chic Carpet Floor Tiles - allow for faster installation and is easier to apply with fewer people. Comes in a nice variety of colors to complement any décor · Custom sizing · Coarse fibers that effectively trap soil and debris · Easy to clean durability · Fiberbond construction that allows for factory or on-site custom cutting without unraveling · Non-woven needle punch construction · DOC FF1-70 & FF2-70 flammability ratings · Nonskid composite rubber backing

  • Height: 1/2"
  • Size: 19 11/16" x 19 11/16" x 12 tiles per case
  • Pile weight: 52 oz./SYD
  • Fiber Type: Polypropylene blend of 17-240 denier per filament fibers; solution dyed; UV stable
  • Pattern: Nubby Hobnail
  • Installation: Glue Down
  • Traffic: Moderate to High Interior
  • Static Coefficient of Friction Ratio: Dry 0.53, Wet 0.96, ASTM D-2047
Weight/Tile: 1.85 lbs.


Color Chart: -

Blue Grey
Slate Grey

Features - .

Cleaning Instructions: matting are made of a blend of olefin fibers with extra heavy denier components. These extra heavy fibers act like a Brillo® pad to scrape off, trap and hold dirt. The carpet effectively acts as a clean zone barrier in preventing dirt from being carried into buildings. Due to fiber density and depth of pile, this dirt and soil must be removed by regular maintenance procedures while the soil is held at the surface. If soil is not removed while at the surface, it will sink into and penetrate the base of the carpet and become more difficult to remove. Soil that penetrates into the base of the carpet body and pile and is allowed to “cake”, will cause premature wear, fiber abrasion, and color change. Two-Fold Maintenance Required: Vacuuming – at least once, preferably twice per day with a commercial beater bar two-motor vacuum. Extraction Cleaning – at least two, preferably four times per month with a self-contained extractor using the following procedure: a) Vacuum b) Mix chemical in a pump sprayer 1) Taski R-50 (1:128)* 2) Alternate Taski Profi (1:64) 3) Alternate Taski TR103 (1:42) c) Pre-spray the carpet and let stand for 3-5 minutes d) Flush the carpet with the extractor Taski R-50 is a heavy-duty neutral detergent that is totally safe for the olefin fibers. This product is a good choice to use to mop or scrub resilient surfaces in the building, precluding additional purchases of detergents for different entrances. Taski Profi is also absolutely safe for the olefin fiber, and is preferred if oil or asphalt sealer based soil is carried into the building. Taski TR103 is recommended if the same detergent can also be used in other carpeted areas of the building. *Taski products are available from Level Industrial, 7450 Industry Drive, North Charleston, SC 29418-8413


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