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Extreme Situation Fall Protection Mats
Big Mats for Big Falls

    Extreme Situation Fall Protection Mats are engineered to provide a durable resilient landing zone for people who accidentally fall from heights of up to 15 feet or more depending on the size of the person.Extreme Situation Fall Protection Mats are constructed with extra heavy duty 22 ounce per square yard Nylon reinforced vinyl cover material, three layers of specially selected polyurethan foams, a fully vented mesh top surface with special seam integration flaps, mechanical fasteners that join mat sections into fully configured mat deployments, a top cover for use during storage and to protect against inclement weather exposure.

Buckle Latch
Foam Core
Zipper Closure
Mat Deployment with Protective Cover Pulled Back
Galvanized Connectors

The thing about arresting a falling body that is so problematic is the need to defuse the force of the fall quickly enough to stop the fall while not allowing the material that stops the fall from becoming itself detrimental the person’s wellbeing. Starting at the top of the mat, which might be called the “business” surface, the Extreme Situation Fall Protection Mats are equipped with a mildew resistant mesh that allows for almost 100% air evacuation directly upon impact. As the air blows out, the foam beneath (1118) begins to do what it does best: cushion the person in a cocoon-like way that is instantly custom-molded to the faller’s body. As the initial foam cushion gets compacted, the next two layers of foam (1236) that have been specially configured in what might be described as a honeycombed-style matrix of double-layers of foam integrated with large open space that allow the foam itself to fall away from the faller only to be contained, controlled and arrested by still more foam in the bottom most layer.


It is expected that the mats may be used in exterior locations and in certain extreme conditions. With that in mind, the Zipper that seals the outside cover is made of corrosion resistant plastic. The D-rings used in the buckle latch system that hold the mat sections together are zinc-coated. The vinyl cover sewn around the sides and bottom and used as the storage cover is of the same grade used as truck loading dock seal material. You can just imagine what kind of a beating those things experience.

Extreme Situation Fall Protection Mats are joined together to form broader layouts. An ample 9 inch wide flap that connects to a 4 inch wide strip of Velcro along the entire length of the seam is employed to make the coverage from section-to-section all but seamless. There are four handles sewn into the 12 foot long sides of each mat to allow for ease of portability.

Color Selection Chart
rich red royal blue kelly green dark maroon
Rich Red
Royal Blue
Kelly Green
Dark Maroon
purple black orange yellow
navy flair red white camel
Flair Red
galaxy grey sky blue forest green
champino blue
Galaxy Grey
Sky Blue
Forest Green
Champion Blue


Extreme Situation Fall Protection Mats come in sections that measure 60” wide x 144” long x 28” in thickness. These 5’x12’ mats, if seen in cross-section, would revel three layers of foam: an 8” thick top layer and two layers each being 10” thick and laid out in opposing directions with carefully planned spaces between and among the elements.

Extreme Situation Fall Protection Mats are available in a range of colors. The usual selection is Black.

Product Number: 6070-701-0512

Price: $5,245.00 per mat x minim order of 2 mats = $10,490.00 per pair of 5’x12’x28” thick mats exclusive of a snap-on storage cover.
Ships as Class 300
Weight: 1,000 lbs for a pair of 5’x12’x28” thick mats
Availability: 4 to 5 weeks after receipt of order.

Other sizes are available and will be quoted on request.

Custom Quotation Requests: Please provide contact name, company name, phone, Fax and e-mail address, the number of mats and size of layout to be quoted and the destination city, state and Zip Code for the freight part of the quotation.

Please Note:

1. Unless specifically stated to the contrary, vinyl suplied in the making of the products herein described is not phthalate free.

2. Customer is responsible for determining suitability of product for intended application and for providing all dimensions and drawings as required or requested to produce product being ordered.

3. Customer is responsible for determining product's compliance to any and all federal, state and local codes and regulations and/or requirements.

4. The United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in its "Construction Safety and Health Outreach Program" does not include the use of mats as a primary fall protection method. Click HERE to see that publication on the OSHA web site. The use of mats as a secondary method of fall protection or as a contingency plan would be at the discretion of the user.


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