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New Again Rubber Chair Mats
A new approach to hard floor chair mats from old rubber tires.

     New Again Rubber Chair Mats combine performance and value for hard floor applications.  A special blend of compounded recycled tire rubber and polymers offers a unique combination of durability, resilience, electrostatic dissipation and slip resistance. They are available in "stand-alone" work station configurations.

New Again Rubber Chair Mats are available a standard one-quarter inch (1/4") thickness in one single-user configuration, 36"x 48" with a 12"x20" lip. Color is Black. Mat edges are "cliff" and not beveled. Surface has a mild diamond pattern, which is basicly flat.

Minimum Order: New Again Rubber Chair Mats may be ordered in pairs only and only in the one available size, which is the 36"x 48" with a 12"x20" lip. Mats are usually shipped to one destination, but can be shipped to multiple destinations in one order as required.

Technical Specifications: Click HERE for product data.


New Again Rubber Chair Mats
P/N: 3001-705-3648   P/N: 3001-705-4553   P/N: 3001-705-4848
36"x 48" with a 12"x20" lip
45"x 53" Rectangular
48" x 48" Modular

New Again Rubber Chairmats

Product Number Detailed Description
Price per mat
3001-705-3648 New Again Rubber Chairmat; 36" x 48" overall with 12" x 20" Lip; 1/4" thick; BLACK Mat; 21#/mat $/mat SOLD IN PAIRS ONLY (rack#: SR8203) $85.95 per mat
3001-705-45530 New Again Rubber Chairmat; 45" x 53" Rectangular; 1/4" thick; BLACK Mat; 16.5#/mat;$/mat (rack#: SR8204) $147.33 per mat
3001-705-48480 New Again Rubber Chairmat; Modular Desk type; 48" x 48" overall w/ radius corners & untrued edges; 1/4" thick; BLACK Mat; 24#/mat; SOLD IN PAIRS ONLY $/mat (rack#: SR8205) $86.04 per mat

Prices are exclusive of shipping. Please provide quantity of each size mat or full sized roll required, destination city, state and Zip Code, contact name, company name, phone, fax and e-mail address for a custom quote.

Chairmats are provided in standard 1/4" (6mm) thickness with straight cut (i.e. cliff) edges. Mats have radius corners as indicated on diagrams.

Deliveries to NY, CT, NJ will have applicable Sales Tax added to Invoice. Please provided Tax Exempt or Resale Cirtificate with Purchase Order.

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