Wonder Weave Matting Technical and Architectural Specifications

Architectural Specifications:

Furnish and install Wonder Weave safety and fatigue relief mats or matting

[choose Standard or Anti-static formulations] in either

Open Weave (i.e. Basic Pattern: perpendicular single courses joined at 7/8" intervals)or

Closed Weave (i.e. Close-knit Pattern: (double course in one direction at 3/8" intervals with a perpendicular single course at 7/8" intervals)

as supplied by The Mat King, 740 West End Avenue; Suite 1, New York, NY 10025 (516)-501-0744.     

Matting shall be constructed of high quality polyvinyl chloride strips 1/2 inch thick by 1/4 inch wide. Matting shall be fire resistant and not support combustion. Mats shall have square edges. Mats shall be [specify color: Orange, Grey, Green, Yellow, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red, White, Blue and Black] in color. Mats shall have a "pierced and locked woven" construction that forms a sturdy interwoven mat to [specify size] and [specify shape]. Matting to be vented in such a way as to permit all water and liquid to drain from under the matting to prevent dampness, mold or mildew. Matting to have non-slip characteristics and to lie flat on all surfaces.

Maintenance: Wonder Weave Matting is produced from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which has resistive qualities to deterioration from most common chemicals. Therefore, a regular maintenance program of washing with mild detergent and water will help insure a long service life for Wonder Weave products. Excessive exposure to steam or extremely hot water will cause disfiguration or loss of resiliency. To extend product life, Wonder Weave Matting should be rolled rather than folded.



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