Single Hose Top Echelon Precision Air Bag Specifications

Specifications: The Single Hose Top Echelon Precision Air bag offered by The Mat King features a design that includes a unique baffling and airflow system that is unlike any other Airbag in the industry today. The standard airbag has a lightweight material that easily tears and does not hold up well under extreme weather conditions. If a strong wind hits the bag, it can cartwheel or turn completely over making the bag useless.The airflow system goes into the bag at a forward flow. this causes the bag to fill up in a circular motion causing the bag to ball up in the middle. This can also cause the bag to bounce or slide the performer out if they hit off center. Most stunt related highfall injuries or deaths have occurred due to the performer hitting the airbag off center.

The Mat King Single Hose Precision Air Bag

The Top Echelon Precision Airbag offered by The Mat King has a unique airflow system that fills the airbag in an upward motion. This lets the bag fill evenly and helps to keep the airbag flat. The Top Echelon Precision Airbags are built of the most durable tear resistant lightweight fabric available. If the bag is cut, it will not tear if a performer hits it. During extreme weather conditions, if a high wind hits the Top Echelon Precision Airbag, it will move sideways. It will not roll over or cartwheel. Along with other state of the art innovations, the Top Echelon Precision Airbag keeps performers safely in the airbag, even if they hit it off center. The special design of the Top Echelon Precision Airbag has saved 23 stunt people todate who have hit these air bags off center and were safe having done so. Any other bag would have bounced or slid those performers to the ground, which would have resuleted in certain injuries.

Standard size: 12' x 14' which are rated for falls from 25' to 50' (7.6m to 15.2m) The lower level is about 2-1/2' tall and the upper level is about 3-1/2' tall for an overall height of about 6'. The unit comes with a cover that has Velcro closures and packs to approximately 3' x 3' x 4' in height. The blower packes to 2' x 2' x 2' with the weight of the entire assembly at about 225 lbs exclusive of skid(s). The Top Echelon Precision Airbag can be provided with personalization such as a corporate logo or a school or military unit emblem. Please provide camera ready art and indicate where on the Top Echelon Precision Airbag the personalization is to be placed; i.e. top, or on which side or sides and how many are to be quoted or included. Allow 3 to 4 days for fabrication exclusive of personalization. Please provide contact person's name, company name, phone number, e-mail address and destination city, state and Zip Code or Postal Code for custom quotation. Thank you.



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