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Colorfest Scrape Master Super Logo Mats
Lowprofile High Definition Personalized Rubber Logo Mats

    Colorfest Scrape Master Super Logo Mats feature an all-rubber bi-level construction that effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture from pedestrian traffic. They are made of 100% Nitrile rubber into which a digitally printed thermo-plastic material is molded into the Nitrile rubber mat surface. The photographic-quality images have excellent color tones and shades with unparalleled detail and clarity. They are appropriate for use in areas exposed to most grease and petroleum products. The mats also meet the guidelines for the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). The molded containment borders of the Colorfest Scrape Master Super Logo Mats keep dirt and moister from migrating off the mat between cleanouts. The backing is slip-resistant to minimize mat motion on hard floor surfaces. Mats can be easily maintained with vacuuming, extraction cleaning or hosing off and hanging to drip dry. The photographic-quality images have excellent color tones and shades with unparalleled details and clarity.Textured surface cleats offer superior slip resistance and effectively scrape though dirt and grime off feet. With the Anti-static Nitrile rubber, Colorfest Scrape Master Super Logo Mats will not curl or crack and are certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute.

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Colorfest Scrape Master Super Logo Mats provide a handsom welcome to customers and employees. They can be used as floor displays to set a particular section of shelving apart for customers to notice more easily. They are a very low profile mat at just 1/4" (138 mil) in thickness.



Design Colors - 150 brilliant colors are available from which designs can be created.
color chart


Colorfest Scrape Master Super Logo Mats are avialable in several standard sizes listed below. Custom sized mats are not available in this format.
Product Number
Design Dimensions
Price per mat with 1-color logo
1 mat
2 to 10
11 to 25
26 +
2-1/2' x 3' 20" x 25" 8 lbs
3' x 4' 25" x 36" 11 lbs
3' x 5' 25" x 48" 13.5 lbs
3' x 10' 25" x 96" 28 lbs
4' x 6' 36" x 50" 21.5 lbs
4' x 8' 36" x 70" 31 lbs
6' x 6' 43" x 50" 30 lbs
6' x 8' 43" x 80" 46 lbs
Colorfest Scrape Master Super Logo Mats' digital printing process allows for the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to be used. This feature allows customers to order exact color matches for a one-time charge of $425.00 per color to be matched. The charge is assessed on the initial order only and does not apply to re-orders.
Pricing for Logo Mat products is based on individual design number.  Different design numbers may not be combined for quantity discounts.Prices are exclusive of shipping.
Please provide size(s) and quantities per size of anticipated order and we will be pleased to provide a custom price quotation.
Deliveries to NY, NJ or CT will have applicable Sales Tax added to final invoice.
Prices above are for budget and are subject to current pricing at time of order.

Cleaning Instructions
1. Vacuum Daily - Interior mats are constructed with either nylon or olefin surfaces designed to wipe residual soil, dust and moisture from shoes. They are most effective when used in conjunction with high performance entrance mats. They should be vacuumed daily using either a dry or wet/dry vacuum.
2. Routine Maintenance - As needed, interior mats should be cleaned and/or spot cleaned using a neutral cleaner followed by rinsing. If the mat becomes wet during the cleaning process, it should be allowed to dry thoroughly before returning to service. Nylon mats will require a longer drying period and should be positioned where they can drain during the drying process.
3. Deep Cleaning - Interior mats can be deep cleaned using any method used for carpeted floors. Logo Mats recommends using a neutral, solvent free cleaner if possible. In the event a solvent is used for removing oil, grease, or gum type spots, take care to thoroughly rinse the solvent from the mat before it is allowed to dry for return to service.
4. Floor Preparation - As with entrance mats, prior to the mat being put back into service, Logo Mats recommends that the floor where the mat will be placed be cleaned to remove dust and dirt. This will allow the mat to grip the floor more effectively reducing mat movement with traffic.


Gallery of Colorfest Scrape Master Super Logo Mats
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