Laundering Instructions for Splash Master Mats

Laundering Instructions for Splash Master Mats: Splash Master mats used in a “Value Lease” program may need occasional laundering. Although Splash Master mats are not designed for repeated commercial washings, occasional laundering may be done if care is used. The formula shown below is designed to “soak and float” soil away. It minimizes mechanical action in the wash cycle. Do not under-load wash loads, as under-loading will increase mechanical action and may cause damage to the mats. Always use high water levels to reduce mechanical action. Waterhog mats should not be washed more than once a quarter.

  Process Comments Time Water Level Temperature
1. Flush   2 to 3 min. High 120°F (49°C)
2. Break See #1 Below 5 min. High 120°F (27°C)
3. Rinse   2 min. High 120°F (49°C)
4. Rinse   2 min. High 120°F (49°C)
5. Extract Low Speed 1 to 2 min. . .
6. Shake Out Rotate wheel at wash speed with drain open 1 min . .
7. Extract High Speed; Max 200 G's 3 to 5 min. . .

1. Do not use high pH detergents, alkali or solvents. The break should not exceed a pH of 9.5. Use a low pH non-ionic detergent. 2-4 oz./ 100# of mats. Consult with your chemical supplier for exact amounts.
2. Do not overdry mats.
3. Lay mats flat with carpet side down following removal from the washer. This will allow any water in the mats to drain out. When dry roll mats nap out for delivery.


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