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Mats-of-Steel Flexible Steel Mats
The Continuous Crimp Flexible Steel Mat

    If steel is so hard, how can it be flexible? Through the use of a continuous pattern of interlocked cold-rolled steel rods and strips. The Mats-of-Steel Heavy Duty Mat offers three times the strength of the Mats-of-Steel Standard Mat. It is perfect for breaking up plugs on golf course fairways, dragging baseball infields or track surfaces, and for soil preparation for lawn seeding. The Mats-of-Steel Standard Mat rolls up like a carpet for easy cleaning and offers a smooth level rugged surface. It is very good for assembly lines around oily machine areas and as an outdoor entrance scraper mat. Each type is available with pull attachments for drag mat work and both feature a galvanized finish for increased rust resistance.



Heavy Duty Mats

Standard-Duty Mats

Material Steel Steel
Thickness 1/2" 3/8"
Length-Minimum 12" 12" 
Length-Maximum 144" 144"
Weight 3.5# per Square Foot 1.6# per Square Foot
Mesh Size  1"x1" 1"x1"
Crimp 1/2"x .062" galvanized steel
3/8"x.046" galvanized steel
Rods 6 gage (.192") galvanized steel
13 gage (.0915") galvanized steel
Edge Button head weld
Standard Sizes Heavy Duty Mat Size Chart Standard Mat Size Chart
Drag Mat Attachments Heavy Duty Mat Drag Mat Attachment  Price Chart Standard Mat Drag Mat Attachment  Price Chart
Color Steel Grey Steel Grey

Standard Duty Mats Price Chart


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