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DISCONTINUED How to Order Monet Garden Awnings
Step-by-Step Custom Quote Request and Ordering Form.

How to Order Monet Garden Awnings

This form is for requesting a price quotation for static or permanent awnings. Please either print out this page, fill out the step-by-step response areas and Fax or E-mail the completed form to The Mat King for a custom price quotation by return Fax or E-mail. Please click HERE for retractable awnings.

Contact Incformation:
Please provided detailed contact information so we may get back to you with any questions we might have regarding your inquiry or quote request and to be able to determine shipping related estimates:

Company Name: __________________________

Contact Person

First Name: __________ Last Name: ___________

Ship to Address: __________________________

City: _____________ State: ____ Zip Code: ______

Telephone: __________________________

Fax: _______________________________

E-Mail: _____________________________

1. Quantity or Number of Awnings Needed: _______

2. Style of Awning: ______________________

Awning Styles
Dome Style Traditional Style Concave Style Convex or Quarter Round Style

Size of Awning:

Height: _________ (measure distance along the mounting wall from the Bottom of the Awning to Top of the Awing exclusive of valance. Maximum height is 5'-0").

Width: __________ (measure widest distance from one side of the awning to the other side ofthe awning. There is no maximum length, however, for shipping purposes, awnings are built in maximum length sections of15'-0" long).

Projection:__________ (measure distance from mounting wall to the furthest point away from the building to which the awning is to extend. Maximum projection is 5'-0").

What Style of Valance is desired if any; Rigid, Hanging or No Valance: _______________________.

Hanging Valance Styles: ________________________ (refer to chart below)

Styles of Hanging Valances
V-Cut Valance Exotic Valance
Slit Cut Valance Bell Cut Valance
Angle Key Valance Roman Arch Valance
Shallow Scallop Valance Deep Scallop Valance
Wave Valance Greek Key Valance

Fabric Types:

Laminated Vinyl Fabric - Canopy FS is a 16oz. back-lit fabric that features Flouro-Shield, a highly advanced PVDF topcoat. Flouro-Shield is specifically designed to extend the life of the fabric and offer superior protection from the elements. Cleaning and graphics applications are easy due to Canopy FSs ultra smooth finish and PVDF (Polyvinylidene diflouridetopcoat). Offers excellent stability, strength and resistance to mold, mildew, and wicking. The color os featured on the outside ofthe awning while the inside of the awning would be white. The nature of the Canopy FS material is to resisting "running". That is, if it wshould sustain a tear, the tear would generally not continue to increase and could be patched successfully.

Laminated Vinyl Material Colors
Black Burgundy Classic Red Cream Dark Blue
Forest Green Grass Green Kelly Green Magenta Orange
Pink Plum Purple Putty Red
Royal Blue Sky Blue Teal Turquoise Wheat
White Yellow      

Woven Fabric - This material is soluton dyed so the color is the same on the outside of the awning as it is on the inside. It offers what some feel or discribe as a softer and more elegant appearance. It comes with a five (5) year warranty against fading. It is an open weave material, which means that air actually circulates through it and soil does not tend to adhere to it very redilly. Personalization can be applied to the woven material but only with paint as opposed to with the use of vinyl adhesive graphics.

Personalization - Logos, emblem art or other personalization can be accomodated on most awing applications. Please submit art in both EPS and JPG formats with your quotation request. Art for Approval will be submitted with price quotation. Thank you.



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