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Bonding Rubber Belting
How to join one piece of conveyor belting to another.

    Rubber Conveyor Belting - can be effectively bonded together for use in various applications using the following proceedure..


1. Leave ine quarter inch (1/4") gap between pieces of belting.


2. Duct Tape back side of belting to prevent adhesive sealant from flowing out. The adhesive sealant has the consistancy of silicone caulking).


3. When material is allowed to cure over night, it developes high tensil strength and adhesion to the sides of the belting.

The Adhesive Sealant comes in 10.2 oz caulking tube for $20.00 per tube in broken case quantities or $18.00 per tube in 12 piece cases. Coverage: 6 tubes covers approximately 50 linear feet in the above application.

Prices are exclusive of shipping. Deliveries to NY, NJ or CT are subject to applicable State Sales Tax.


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