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Sang 'n' Grab Tape-Based Fastners
The Affordable Hook and Loop Fasteners with a Difference

    The Mat King Snag 'n' Grab Tape-Based Fasterns - make that distinctive sound that combines tearing and ripping in one but which results in a completely non-distructive seperating of both elements --- the "hook" side and the "loop" side -- of the fastener and is ready to be used immediately again and again and again without having to wait for anything to dry, set up or be reapplied. Its one of those brilliant inventions dicovered in and adapted from nature's Cocklebur (Xanthium) plants the seeds of which are covered with tiny hooks that easily get affixed and attached to animal fur as animals pass by and rub up against the palnt and, thereby, carry the seeds to remote locations to spread the growth of the species.

Enjoy custom length cutting service, wide loop fabrics, polyester tapes, "mushroom" style hooks, custom made starps, special slit widths custom imprinting and packaging and goods dyed to any color desired.



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