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The Mat King Rubber Works - Custom-Engineered Materials
Special Rubber Parts for the OEM

    Custom-Engineered Materials: Customers are our most valued asset. By working together we develop innovative products that get the desired results. Our goal is total customer satisfaction through quality products, timely service and competitive prices.

The Mat King Rubber Works / Custom-Engineered Materials


New Product Development Process - We invite you to review the questions below and respond to them with as much detail as possible based on what is know about how the proposed custom rubber product will be used.

1. What is the application for the proposed product? How is the proposed product going to be used?

2. What is the expected longevity for the proposed product? That is, how long is the proposed product expected to remain service-worthy under the conditions of it application?

3. Does the proposed product have color and or clarity requirements? That is, must the proposed product be of a certain color or colors and to what degree does the clarity of the color or colors need to be maintained?

4. Will the proposed product be exposed to extreme temperatures? If so, will the extreme temperatures be very low, and if so, how low might the temperatures actually be? Or, if the extreme temperatures are to be very high, how high might those temperatures actually reach? And, with regard to these extreme temperatures, for how long might the proposed product remain exposed to either the high or the low extreme temperatures?

5. Will the proposed product be exposed to any liquids? If so, please identify to what type of liquids they might be exposed? Please also indicate for what periods of time the proposed product might be exposed to such liquids and in what concentrations?

6. Are there any regulatory requirements such a government codes that the proposed product will be required to meet? If so, please indicate either what type of codes they are or, if possible, specifically identify the codes to be met and provide a copy or a "hyperlink" to the source of the code or codes.

7. Part of our function to produce the resin from which the proposed product will be converted. With that in mind, if you know, please identify what process will be used to convert the resin to the proposed product in its finished form?

8. What is the desired hardness of the proposed product?

9. What is the desired Melt Flow index of the proposed product?

10. Are there any specific properties of the proposed product that are needed? Good tear strength? Tensile strength? Elongation? Impact resistance? Dampening properties? Barrier resistant? Surface characteristics (feel/slip/look)? Abrasion resistant?

We invite you to submit your request for proposal: - Please include contact name, company name, contact phone, e-mail address, destination city, state and Zip Code for the shipping part of the proposal, detailed description of the proposed product, i.e. size, measured drawing, color or colors, and estimate the anticipated number of units to be ordered in the foreseeable future.



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