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Wonder Wool Oil Absorbent Mats and Pads
An economically intelligent and environmentally appropriate Industrial spill containment alternative. The "Green" Disposable Oil Pads.

    Wonder Wool Oil Absorbent Mats and Pads - Wonder Wool is a perfect product for the age of big business and the growing desire to protect the earth from the damage.  It is perhaps the only oil absorbent material that combines great durability and high adsorption capacity.  It is made from low-grade domestic wool in a weight of approximately 14 ounces per square yard.  It is reusable and, at the same time, recyclable and biodegradeable.


What does all this mean? This means, firstly, that Wonder Wool can be put into service to soak up oil around a machine or along oily factory walkways until it is saturated. Then, it can be collected, squeezed out using a laundry-style ringer designed for just this purpose, and redeployed up to 15 (fifteen) times until its effectiveness has been exhausted. And, then, it “ain't dead yet.”  Why?  Because, secondly, Wonder Wool can than be processed by a commercial industrial laundry able to clean oily fabrics to make it ready for re-manufacturing.  The Mat King will arrange to "buy-back" the laundered fibers (in quantities of 200 pounds or greater, free from metal filings) for re-manufacture into new Wonder Wool pads. 
Natural properties of wool include: Insulative, fire resistant, strong, lightweight, resilient, resistant to acid, oleophic (adsorbs 15 to 22 times its weight in oil; the heavier the oil the better it is adsorbed by wool), mold and stain resistant, biodegradable and, wool feels dry even when wet.
Customers use wool pads and matting for many different applications.  Please contact The Mat King to discuss the appropriateness of Wonder Wool for specific uses.  We would also appreciate learning of unique and successful applications of Wonder Wool.  Custom sizes shapes and thicknesses will be quoted as required.
Samples and material safety data sheets will be provided on request.
1. Wonder Wool traps 15 times its own weight in 30-40-weight gear oil.
2. Wonder Wool traps 22 times its own weight in 80-90-weight gear oil.
3. Wonder Wool is fully biodegradable and can be bioremediated.
4. Wonder Wool is non-toxic requiring no special handling.
5. Wonder Wool is fire resistant burning only when in direct contact with flame.
6. Wonder Wool can be used on shorelines.
7. Wonder Wool can be used to adsorb oil from the surface of water.
8. Wonder Wool can be used for polishing.
9. Wonder Wool can be used to keep battery terminals from corroding.
10. Wonder Wool can be used around leaky machines or vehicles.
Product Comparison (see definitions below) Comparison figures are based on available sales literature from well-known suppliers of oil absorbent products.  Figures are presented more to demonstrate how vastly more economic value there is in using natural wool absorbent material than in other alternatives.  Actual cost accounting based on more current prices or product claims may alter the differential.  However, the overall value comparison result in favor of wool will remain constant.
11. Wonder Wool is a great alternative to single- or multi-use synthetic sorbents.
12. Wonder Wool is a great alternative to cotton shop cloths.
13. Wonder Wool is a great alternative to sawdust, and to cellulose fibers. 
14. Wonder Wool is a great alternative to Bentonite Clay.
15. Wonder Wool comes in several sizes of rolls, squares, drum pads and booms.
  Cost/Unit Adsorption Rate Adsorption Life Service Rate Value
Wonder Wool Pads $0.62 (. 08) x (22) = 1.76# (1.76) x (15) = 26.40 . 25 x 6 = 1.50 $10.91
Bentonite Clay $0.45 (. 31) x (4) = 1.24# (1.24) x (1) = 1.24 . 25 x 4 = 1.00 $0.55
Recycled Rags $0.23 (.10) x (10) = 1.00# (1.00) x (10) = 10.00 . 25 x 4 = 1.00 $0.16
Polypropylene Pads $0.28 (. 07) x (10) = 0.70# (0.70) x (10) = 7.00 . 25 x 6 = 1.50 $0.12
Cost/Unit = cost material it takes to cover one square foot of floor space.
Adsorption Rate = maximum amount of oil absorbable by one common unit of material in one application. I.e. weight of common unit x number of times its own weight it can absorb = weight of absorbable oil in one application.
Adsorption Life = amount of oil absorbable over the effective life of one common unit of material.  I.e. absorption rate x maximum uses per common unit.
Service Rate = reflects resources required to store, deploy, harvest, process, redeploy and dispose one common unit of material.  i.e. .25 units x number of factors involved in the particular product.
Value = worth of one common unit of material (determined by dividing the Adsorption Life by the Service Rate and multiplying the result times the  Cost per Common Unit).
Printed Pads: Screen Charge = $375.00 one color screen (one-time fee); Colors = Red (01), Yellow (02), Black (03), Brown (04) or Purple (05). Lead-Time = 3 weeks after receipt of order with approved art. Minimum Order = sixteen cases. Standard Layout = Logo to be attractively centered in mat.
Custom and Special production capabilities: Width = 65 inches maximum with irregular edge. Thickness = ranges from 1/16" to 7/16" in normal density.  Note: batting can be made up to 2" (two inches) thick but has a great deal of loft.

Wonder Wool Oil Absorbent Mats and Pads
Please Note: Wonder Wool Oil Absorbent Mats and Pads are production items. See chart below for Minimum Order quantities per item.
Product Number Size Availability Qty/Case Wt/Case Minimum Order Price per Case
Square Pads            
7525-103-1818 18"x18" 8 to 10 weeks 75 20# 480 cases $93.00
7525-103-3650 36"x50' 8 to 10 weeks 1 16# 575 cases $78.00
7525-103-7250 72"x50' 8 to 10 weeks 1 32# 290 cases $156.00
Prices are exclusive of shipping which will be determined by quantities being ordered and destination. Please provide "Ship To" city, state, and Zip Code with contact phone numbers and sizes and quantities of products desired for a custom freight quote. Click HERE to request quote by e-mail.

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