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       Since 1988 we have been in the business of designing and supplying mats for home, business and industry. Each year we introduce new mats to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers ... whether to meet OSHA exacting requirements, for practical or decorative uses in the home, appropriate for offices and hotels or necessary for factories and hospitals.
       We provide mats of all sizes and shapes, materials and colors, with or without logos, illustrations or personalization. If you don't see the exact mat you want or if you have a specific problem, we will work with you to design the mat that will be just right for your needs. As a specialized contract service, we will design and provide a prototype of the mat you want. We have years of mat experience and provide the greatest selection of mats available anywhere.

       If one of every mat we offer was laid end to end, you could probably walk from New York to Los Angeles and your feet will walk every inch of the way on a mat from The Mat King. Obviously taking a plane is faster, but most likely you will find some of our mats in the airport and even on your plane.

       We look forward to fulfilling all your matting needs.


Custom Entrance Mats Designed by Artist Jim Isermann for Albright-Knox Art Gallery

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Waddyamean ... you can't find the mat we need!!! Why didn't you call The MAT KING? They've got 'em all! The Mat King 16-page Product and Capabilities Catalog circa 2021.

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