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  There are two kinds of mats for which people search:

1 Mats that ought to exist since there is a pressing need for something in the way of a mat to solve a certain situation that had better be resolved in a hurry or someone might get upset, and

2. Mats that definitely do exist because you either have one in your possession right now and need another one or a new one, or you saw this mat some place, or noticed it in a catalog a while back, or had one where you used to work, and now, where we got it, or who we got it from is a total mystery.

How people Search for the mat they need is another story all over again.
You can plow through old purchase orders or invoices in the accounting department in hopes of following the paper trail right to the exact mat you want. But that could be a great deal of work with slim prospects of success since mats, if purchased correctly, can last so long that the need to retain the paper work that they generated has long since past.
Looking at every little nook and cranny on the mat for a sign or a number or a symbol that will lead you to the manufacturer, is another way to search.
Calling your local industrial supply guy, or your advertising specialties group, or the floor covering and carpet people in town, or the office supply center, or the kitchen equipment folks, or the safety equipment vendor are all good ideas too.
You can spend some time in the library with any number of source books with advertisements from companies that make all different kinds of mats, and that might work. You can call the companies and get more catalogs and literature and sample pieces, until you start to see just how vast a field of mats there really is out there; and still your mat need will remain, most probably, unresolved.
The World Wide Web is a great way to search for known mat quantities and "hoped for" mat products. That may have been how you happened upon our site,, and we are glad you did. But, the "Web", in its vastness and its greatness, can be a daunting experience when looking for anything, even a measly mat.
There is a good chance that it is already on our web site. We have assembled a Site Map, which is our attempt at capturing the length and breath of our product pages in one single place, where we hope that moving from general categories to more and more specific ones will lead customers to the mats they seek. Many of the search engines on the "Web" have indexed our various product pages, and serve them up on request, which makes finding us, and through us, hopefully finding just the right mat that much easier.  In that same vain, we include the following localized Search Engine with the courtesy of "Google".
We encourage you to share with us any finding that may be in need of perfecting, or improvement, and thank you in advance for your kind kind cooperation and understanding while navigating The Mat King web site.
If the mat you need is not yet on our web site, there is a good chance it may be in our knowledge bank since there are many more products in The Mat King knowledge bank than as yet displayed on our web site. So, if you are still having a problem after exhausting the many ways of searching for the mat you need, we encourage you to contact us directly by e-mail, or regular mail, by phone, (800)442-6544, or by Fax (800)Mats-Fax (628-7329), or in person if you are near by. We will probably ask you a slew of questions in an effort to nail down the exact requirements of the mat you need, or we will ask you to e-mail us a photograph of the mat you have and are hoping to replace, or to send us a piece of the mat you have or the entire mat, if it can not be cut, so we can hopefully identify what it is and who might have made it.
 In any case, we look forward to serving your matting needs.
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