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Prestige Entrance Mats & Grates Introduction
Aluminum Rail Mats and Grates with No Fuss and Quick Turnaround Times

       Prestige Entrance Mats and Grates provide a comfortable sure-footed surface that helps prevent wet slippery floors caused by tracked-in mud, dirt and water. They help protect fine floors surfaces and reduce the chance of accident.

Prestige Entrance Mat Illustration

       Prestige Entrance Mats are available with either a long-lasting heavy-duty aluminum hinge construction or with a thermoplastic rubber hinge configuration that eliminates metal friction noise. Either style can be supplied for recessed well or surface mounted applications.

       Prestige Aluminum Hinge Mats are made of 6063-T52 aluminum alloy rails - either anodized or mill finished - spaced 2" on center with 1" x 3/16" drain holes spaced 1-1/2" on center between all rails. This optimum rail space provides excellent water drainage and dirt entrapment yet prevents even the smallest heels from catching. The aluminum hinge offers long-lasting stability and is available with a variety of tread inserts.

Prestige Aluminum Hinge Mat

       Prestige Rubber Hinge Mats are more environmentally stable than their vinyl hinge counterparts in that our thermoplastic rubber hinge resists ozone, heat, mildew, ultraviolet light and temperature extremes. It remains stable down to -71F and has been flex-tested up to 3.4 million cycles with absolutely no breakdown. This exclusive hinge design eliminates metal-to-metal noise and allows dirt and moisture to run off quickly and easily. It is available with a wide variety of tread inserts.

Prestige Rubber Hinge Mat

       Custom Designs can be fabricated to any shape or size. For unusual configurations such as around revolving doors and pillars, trim edged aluminum fascia will be mounted to the contoured edge of grate. These edging anchors the insert to help avoid accidents and presents a neat finished appearance.

Custom Shape

       The Prestige Carpet Tread Mats & Grates can be personalized with a company logo or special design using a deep dyed or Nylon flocked process in a variety of colors. Provide logo or trademark with request for price quotation.
       Prestige Entrance Grates are rigid aluminum panels that feature a system of self-cleaning recessed treads that are closely spaced to prevent the smallest heel from catching, yet allow dirt, sand and water to collect below the surface of the grate. The grates can be easily removed for cleaning. Prestige Grates are fabricated from extruded 6063-T52 alloy aluminum and are designed to support a minimum load of 200 pounds per square foot. Greater load ratings are available on request.
       The entire Prestige Entrance Mat and Grate family of products are available in a wide range of colors and materials to complement or accent a building's design or decor. Tread may be made of Nylon carpet, skid resistant vinyl, vinyl abrasive, coarse brush polypropylene, two different heavy duty abrasive materials or serrated aluminum.
 Prestige Mat Illustration Custom Shape Custom Shape
Note: The factory recommends either of the following two options for more complex designs:
With Frame With Frame
       1. If accurate dimensions are provided, the factory will fabricate the mat or grate first, then build the frame around the product and ship it as a complete unit to assure correct fit.
2. The frame can be fabricated and shipped first. After the frame is installed, a hard template or pattern would have to be provided by the contractor, owner or manager to the factory so that the mat or grate could be completed and to insure a correct fit. Click HERE for Template Requirements.
Mat Frame / Grate Frame:
Mat Frame Illustration Grate Frame Illustration

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