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Polycarbonate Chairmats
Stronger than Acrylic

    Polycarbonate Chairmats are fabricated from Polycarbonate Sheet, which meet or exceed the performance characteristics of any directly competitive product on the market today. These Polycarbonate Chairmats are unsurpassed for clarity and toughness. When the need is for a chairmat with clarity, toughness and endurance, The Mat King Polycarbonate Chairmats are the product of choice.

Please Note: Polycarbonate Sheeting is intended as a glazing material for use where protection against attack is required. The use of Polycarbonate Sheets as chairmats is therefore not covered by the standard warantee and is therefore sold with no warantee. However, even though the Polycarbonate Chairmats are sold with no warantee, the anticipated usage as a chairmat are of so much lower stress levels than the product has been engineered to withstand that the product offers the most durable chairmat option where clarity, strength and durability are requirements.



The manufacturer sets rigid raw material requirements for its polycarbonate resins supplied by Bayer Corporation. These materials, coupled with state-of-the-art production and quality control technology, assure that the physical properties of the Polycarbonate Sheet used in the fabrication of The Mat King Polycarbonate Chairmats will meet or exceed any directly competitive product on the market
today. Neither the manufacturer nor The Mat King will be responsible for the use of this information relative to actual application. Users must make their own determination of its suitability for their specific use. No warranty is made for the fitness of any product, and nothing herein waives any of the manufacturer's or the sellerís conditions of sale.



Prices for chairmats are for one mat, boxed and exclusive of freight which will be determined based on destination City, State and Zip Code.  Custom price quotations for non-standard sizes and/or orgreater quantities will be provided on request. Please include quantity of each mat style and "Ship To" city, state and Zip Code with your request for quotation.

Polycarbonate Chairmats are provided in standard 1/4" (.220" actual) thickness. Mats have radius corners as indicated. Edges can be square (cliff) or beveled. Other avilable thicknesses are: .150" for f=larger the usual mats.


POLYCARBONATE SHEET COMBUSTIBILITY - Although the least combustible glazing material, Polycarbonate Sheet will ignite when exposed to an ignition source over 800°F.

Thoroughly rinse with warm water using a soft cloth or sponge. Wash with mild soap or detergent and rinse thoroughly with clean water. To prevent water spots, thoroughly dry the glazing with a chamois or moist sponge. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight to prevent streaking.

COMPATIBLE CLEANERS - The following cleaning agents are compatible with The Mat King Polycarbonate Chairmats when used according to the manufacturer's recommendations: Formula 409®, Top Job, Joy®, Palmolive Liquid®, Windex D with Ammonia D®. Please Note: Formula 409 is a registered trademark of Clorox Company; Top Job and Joy are registered trademarks of Proctor & Gamble; Palmolive is a registered trademark of Colgate Palmolive; Windex D is a registered trademark of Drackett Products Company.


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