Polycarbonate Chairmat Technical Data

Polycarbonate Sheet Properties:

Environmental Resistance of Polycarbonate Chairmats:

Polycarbonate Chairmats are Resistant at 70°F and 0% Strain to the following Chemicals:

Polycarbonate Chairmats are Resistant the following Household Products (Chemicals):

Polycarbonate Chairmats have the following Resistance to the following Petroleum Products:

Polycarbonate Chairmats ARE NOT Resistant to the following:

Polycarbonate Chairmats ARE DISSOLVED by the following:

Chloroform, Cresol, Dioxane, Ethylene Dichloride,Methylene Chloride, Pyridine


Polycarbonate Chairmats experience the results of moisture in the following wats:

Polycarbonate Chairmats have good resistance to water up to approximately 150°F. Above this temperature, the effect of moisture is time-temperature related. Exposing Polycarbonate Chairmats to repeated steam cleaning or dishwashing can create hydraulic crazing. The result can be a clouding of the surface and ultimately a loss of physical strength properties.


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